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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Tired Of The Hero Worship - Part Deux

"Frontline Heroes" is what they are called. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, grocery clerks, cashiers, etc. anyone that has to face the dreaded public, who are walking around like the zombies in The Walking Dead just looking to infect everyone else. Selfish mother-fuckers that want to greedily earn filthy MONEY to feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads. People that are about to go insane from being held in home confinement. These poor "Frontline Heroes," the "essential workers" are warriors in the battle to save humanity. A question though; if no one was to leave their homes, who would there be for them to serve, thereby making them non-essential?

On this Memorial Day Weekend, where so many parades and ceremonies to honor the real warriors that spent time on a real frontline have been cancelled, I wish to set the record straight. My own state of Kommiecticut has not allowed the placement of flags on the graves in the state veteran cemeteries, and many municipalities have followed suit not marking veterans graves in town ceremonies because.... OMG SOCIAL DISTANCING rules! Those real frontline heroes served in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Beirut, Viet Nam, Korea, European & Pacific theaters, France, Gettysburg, Baltimore, Trenton, Lexington-Concord and countless other unnamed conflicts around the world. They weren't afraid of the presence of a free citizen not wearing a mandatory mask, they were too busy being shot at, shot down, torpedoed, or blown up.

This is my honoree, USMC PFC Stephen D. Tingley, a childhood friend blown up in his sleep by jihadi scum vermin in Beirut, Lebanon on October 23, 1983.

A month later, Soldier of Fortune magazine's November 1983 issue came out, with Stephen posthumously on the cover. I never knew until a couple of years ago and bought a copy off eBay as a keepsake.

Last night my biker group, a loose association of folks that like to ride (many are veterans), got together for a birthday/graduation parade. We were joined by another group of at least 20 classic car owners and lead by a tow truck operator. We staged at the big empty lot that used to be the Manchester Parkade shopping center. No masks, no social distancing, hugs and handshakes, and no "Karens" or "Karls" to snitch on us. Not that anyone in their right mind is gonna fuck with bikers if they value their personal safety. It was KSU (kick stands up) at 5PM and we made two circuits around the apartment complex. We then parked near the apartment building and dismounted while the very happy girls went up and down the line thanking all of us.

So this Memorial Day, in spite of the tyranny that may or may not be occurring where you live, do your best to honor the true heroes of our Nation. And remember, it is NOT the unofficial first day of summer of National BBQ Day.

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