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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Mea Culpa -- I Have Been Oh So Wrong!!

From Liberty Doll:

I always thought county and local law enforcement would be on the side of the armed Citizen Patriot. That it would be unaccountable armed bureaucrats belonging to the federal alphabet agencies that would be the problem "just doing their job" executing illegal orders. On a larger scale under say a Killary administration, imported help from the Blue Helmet Brigade invited in to stomp on our sovereignty and Liberty. Oh how wrong I was, as is evident by the attempted shut down of gun and ammo sales in MANY states. Idiot governors of both parties either declaring retail gun shops as non-essential, or leaving them off the list (on purpose perhaps?) of essential businesses. Then law enforcement backing up the stupidity or taking it upon themselves to "interpret" what the executive order means.

This is bad news for everyone involved. I will have to re-think my scenarios and responses. Governor LaMont (D) (that I never supported) was on the right side of legal gun owners in the state from the start. For that I applaud him. Law enforcement in my area is the Kommiecticut State Police, and they have not yet been involved in anti-Second Amendment activities (except for the ongoing enforcement of the state's "Red Flag Laws"). I have not heard of any problems from the other state police barracks or local PD's either.

So....a warning to any LEO that may read this. Is your job more important than your duty as an American Citizen, upholding The Constitution, or possibly losing your life for a politician's ambitions?

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