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Thursday, January 14, 2021

If I Had Known, I Would Have Stayed On The Ground

Watch this video I found by accident, produced by Flywire and featuring Scott Perdue analyzing the October 2, 2019 crash of the Boeing B-17G "Nine-O-Nine" owned and operated by The Colling's Foundation. Scott previously read the full 1200 page report and gives his in depth analysis and commentary as someone who has spent a lifetime in aviation, military and civilian. The video includes photos and videos from the investigation.

On this previous post, I documented my Wings of Freedom flight aboard their Mitchell B-25J "Tondelayo" on September 22, 2019 out of Worcester Airport. It was something I always wanted to do, it was the experience of a lifetime, and worth every penny of the $400. But holy shit! If I had ANY inclination that this is how the operation ran, I would have NEVER gone up. The crash occurred a week and a half after my flight and the only reason I did not go up on the B-17 was because the only seats available were too late in the day. I assumed, as someone with little aviation experience, that given the fleet of warbirds flying on regular basis meant that their maintenance, training, certifications, and safe operation were top notch. Watching the video and listening to Scott actually made me nauseous. In the fire service, like aviation, it is not just one single thing that causes an LODD (line of duty death), but many things that go wrong and usually the result of culture issues. We use the same analogy Scott referred to of all the holes lining up in two slices of Swiss cheese. If any one of the many mistakes doesn't happen (meaning the holes in the cheese don't line up perfectly), then neither does a tragedy. In the fire service our close calls are officially called a "near miss." I wonder what maintenance short-cuts and poor training classifies my flight on the B-25 as a "near death experience?"

After my flight I had initially planned to donate both time and money to The Colling's Foundation. The crash put the kibosh on that. I even filed a public opinion in their favor with the FAA for renewal of their exemption for the historic flight operation, which was routinely up for renewal. That was before the preliminary NTSB report came out and way before the final report. I had so enjoyed my experience that it was emotions that made me file my public opinion in their favor. I now regret filing that opinion, which is now permanently filed with the FAA.

IMPEACHMENT - The Word Has Lost All Meaning

Impeachment was designed by the Founding Fathers to give congress the ability to remove a president that committed crimes while in office. It was NOT meant to be weaponized or used because you don't like or disagree with the president, and worst of all, no reason except "ORANGE MAN BAD!"

So moving forward, with the impeachment bar set so low, both parties will simply try to impeach and remove the president of the opposite party if they happen to hold the house. Calling everything impeachable reminds me of this video clip from an episode of "Friends" (yes I watched it every Thursday night during its run and in syndication).

In this episode, Monica (played by Courtney Cox) was an aspiring chef and baker. Jon Lovitz played a guy named "Steve." Steve was one of Phoebe's massage clients who happened to be a restaurant owner looking to hire a new chef. Phoebe introduced him to Monica, and in the hopes of being hired, she invited Steve over to cook him a gourmet meal. Steve showed up stoned after smoking marijuana on the ride over that came to her apartment to sample some of her cuisine. Unfortunately, being completely stoned he had a case of the sillies and munchies. In the clip, Monica offers Steve a delicious onion tartlett, and he gets hung up on the word. When you repeat a word over and over (like calling everyone a racist or everything racism for example) your brain becomes numb to the word and it just becomes sounds.

So the house, run by Demon-Craps and their co-conspirator RINOS, have blasted through yet another phony and useless impeachment of President Trump. Acting as the petulant little children they are, they have lashed out and tried to blame The President for the occupation of the US Capitol. I have stated before that congress-critters and deep state swamp dwelling scum are absolutely scared shitless, and I AM GLAD FOR IT. If there is a trial in the senate, it won't conclude until after Gropey Joe and Heels Up Harris are installed (not inaugurated because #NOTMYPRESIDENT), so totally meaningless, but the Demon-Craps have made an important statement....

... by declaring themselves to be TRAITORS!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Kommiecticut Politics - GOOD RIDDANCE

To the useless piece of shit that was the state GOP chairman J.R. Romano. The Republican Party in Kommiecticut has been run as nothing more than Demon-Crap Lite, instead of true opposition and guardians of Freedom & Liberty. The candidates they have been putting up for elections couldn't win dog-catcher in Mayberry.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

A Suggestion

Instead of armed protests at the US and all 50 state capitols, PATRIOTS just show up at elected officials homes at zero-dark-thirty and beat down the door, physically threatening said officials and their families with all manner of physical harm?

I mean it was obviously OK to do that to Josh Hawley's wife and baby.

Not Cancelled.... YET!

In preparation for my blog being taken down for whatever reason an SJW can convince Blogger/Google that I need to be silenced, I have done a full backup of my content. If necessary, I will install my own fucking webserver at my house and host it myself. My 100 MBPS (actually always measures at 115 MBPS) will have more than enough bandwidth to handle the traffic to my blog. I will update my backup with every post or post update going forward.

I have been trying to use my GAB account and learn how to use the interface, but their servers have been completely overwhelmed. I need some uninterrupted time there to effectively learn how to use it.

In the meantime:

One of Pirate Bartholomew Roberts several flags, and my favorite for the quote below

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats"

HL- Mencken   "Prejudices" 1919

Monday, January 11, 2021

Minutia For 2021 Week 2

More fun with the USPS. My wife is an avid Kohl's shopper and I have had good experiences shopping there myself. This came in Friday's mail, just in time for Christmas shopping... 2021!

The holiday shopping flier

Close up of the sale effective dates. Meh, maybe next year.





The maple syrup for my father-in-law still sits in the Springfield, MA M.D.C. where it has been since December 24th. It has now been in the USPS system since December 18th, a whopping 26 days. Friday is my day off, and bright and early I will be at my post office filing the insurance claim for $50. At this point, I am considering it "lost," and will use the money to buy a replacement and send it FEDEX. I have 2 packages the "Informed Delivery" say are coming today, but that will be quite impossible since neither one has made it to my post office.


Next up, an old Sheridan "Blue Streak" air rifle, that came from the same estate I got a few other firearms from. When I was a teen, Sheridan's, Benjamin's, and Beeman's were the top air rifles but way too expensive for a high school kid whose only income came from a paper route. We settled for cheap Daisy's and Crosman's. The seals on this one are all dried out so the rifle builds or holds no pressure. Also, it uses 5mm (.20 Caliber) pellets which I will have to buy. I have a .pdf of both the owners manual and service manual. Special tools are required to disassemble/reassemble the dump valve. I had my old Crosman 760 rebuilt by a guy in state. Relatively inexpensive and quick turnaround. After I got it back, I gave it to my nephew. Therefore, I will probably pay the same guy to refresh this one.

Sheridan "Blue Streak" date coded 8691A, which translates to a build date of January 1968

Since the events of Nov. 3rd & 4th, the crushing of the "Stop The Steal" movement by rogue courts, scummy politicians, deep state swamp dwellers, and traitors of all flavor, culminating with the events of the 6th... I have been really down. It does not look good for The Republic as it currently stands, and I am pretty sure at some point this will devolve into all out war. Therefore, I engaged in a little self-help therapy for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Yes, I only ended up with 50 more rounds, but I already have another 70 with brass that has been fired one more time than these. So this batch will be used first. Since this is fire formed brass that is only neck-sized each time, some reloaders say you can get 100 uses out of each case. Normally cases are completely re-sized and trimmed to length for the caliber standard, meaning maybe 4 or 5 reloads before the brass becomes too thin to use safely. I do that extra operation for my Mosin-Nagants that use reclaimed components (bullets and powder) from corrosive USSR military surplus rounds. I ditch the corrosive primer and copper washed steel cases for brass cases and fresh Winchester primers. They work great. While 120 rounds doesn't sound like much, these are made for precision kill shots, and even for limited practice sessions, I go through very few at a time. Each shot is separated by a few minutes to settle breathing and timed to send the round between heartbeats.

I have more than enough for the boog-a-loo. I would be dead before I ran out of ammo I am sure.

The Captain's special recipe 7.62x54r, precision made specifically for my US Patriot 1775

If you look closely, you can see the red enamel paint, like military rounds, helping keep the primers in place

It is now official, I am a probationary member in good standing of the different club with a better range, after being sworn in and paying my dues for 2021. I went to the club with my sponsor Saturday morning to go over the electronic door locks and alarm system for the clubhouse, the storage sheds, large game cooler, pavilion, pond, and finally range procedures. Since the range is deep inside the club property, they use a system of cones and flags to warn vehicles coming down the road or approaching the range, that it is in use. The approach is from the right side of the firing line, so not really in view of shooters. Unfortunately, the clubhouse was in use that morning for an NRA pistol safety course, so I need to go back and find cleaning supplies and get familiarity with the building layout. I will go Friday morning on my way to the post office. I'm not sure when I will get to the range, but it will most likely be on one of my Fridays off.



My official thoughts on the protest at the US Capitol: Certainly felony crimes were committed by a small number of morons that need to be prosecuted. Those that simply occupied the Capitol building committed a minor trespass misdemeanor. Charge them, don't charge them, give them a ticket, whatever. But to the event as a whole, I AM GLAD IT OCCURRED! The swamp dwelling traitorous scum are now quite frightened from the display of angry citizens. I hope that fear follows them every where they go, home to their districts and states, and that they understand any attempt to "Venezuelize" the United States WILL NOT END WELL. And every elected politician of every party, from dog catcher on up had better start following The Constitution and operating within the constraints of their position... otherwise its stout ropes and trees or getting lined up against a wall.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Gone From Twitter

I only had slightly less than 1800 followers, but they were all hard earned by me. I never bought a single one. There are posers there that buy them in blocks. In one day, I had over 500 of them "removed" for who knows what reason. Even though my tweets, especially lately have been quite pithy and pointed I have not been suspended. Between dumping my followers and going full FASCIST, including having the unmitigated GALL to delete the personal account of a sitting president (regardless of party) but not remove the hate filled mullahs in Iran, then I will no longer participate and let them monetize my content for their benefit. Twitter will be finished in short order, because LIBTARDS screaming at LIBTARDS for not being LIBTARD enough is not going to keep them in business for long.

I have re-lit the boiler on my GAB account @Witold_Pilecki




Update 21:35 EST: Gab is struggling to stay online due to traffic I imagine. It gives a message every few minutes saying it is under maintenance and then doesn't do much for the next few minutes until the message comes up again. I think I will give up for the night.


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Big Loo Is In Da House

I was watching Trumps' rally speech and then the joint session proceedings when The US Capitol got occupied. By whom... who knows. Some are saying there were PANTIFA and BLM thugs bused in to agitate and start trouble, and were actually the ones that set this off. Unfortunately, the way mob mentality works, once shit like this starts it is hard to stop.

That said, I tweeted this earlier.

I hope I am wrong.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Video Link From Twitter

But to link to it directly from Twitter, the Twitter Fascists put a a scare warning that it is a bad link. It is not, it is the content that frightens the SJW assholes "moderating" tweets. Which they supposedly don't do, but really do to maintain community standards?

 Jack Dorsey is such a lying cuck piece of shit. And why anyone listens to that idiot Bill Gates who is a software genius and computer geek, certainly not someone who knows thing fucking one about medicine is beyond me.