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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Another Thought On The Mess We Are In

The current coronavirus situation reminds me of a mass shooting or plane crash story, but in slow motion. Think about it, what makes the mass shooting in a Gun-Free Death Zone (GFDZ) or the crash of a loaded airliner so compelling? It's a bunch of people dying in one place at one time, but the event itself does not significantly increase the number of people that normally die every day. The media loves stories about death and destruction, especially one that can help push a LIBTARD agenda. Here we have a world-wide contagious disease that can kill certain people and in some places a creates a concentrated number of deaths. Perfect. Plus it helps the globalists with all their little pet projects like crashing free-market economies, limiting free movement and travel, stopping religious services, making government dependent zombies, emptying prisons, and coming soon - total civilian disarmament.

To quote David Codrea, "No. Your Move."

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Let's Call It What It Really Is

Quarantine is what you do with sick people to protect the healthy population. Forcing healthy people to stay in their homes is more accurately called "house arrest" or "home confinement." Either way, I will not comply (which should sound familiar to regular readers).

I suggest everyone do the same.

I Now View The COVID-19 Pandemic As I Do Global Warming -- TOTAL BULLSHIT!

Be forewarned, what follows is a rant many may find quite nuts. Deal with it.

It is now Day 9 since my "close contact" with a positive patient. Separation from my wife at home ends today. I will not wear a mask or gloves out in public, only when dealing directly with patients. Offer me your hand and I will shake it. Get closer than 6 feet....who cares, I don't. I have always been a hand washer, nothing has changed. Go ahead, jack-boot gubmint goons, arrest me for not obeying your orders, I dare you. Let's keep the sick and elderly sequestered from the general public, and get back to being America!

I am personally done with this nonsense as a total. Just like the global warming-climate change farce, it is all based on computer models, not any hard data. "See...our totalitarian diktats and removal of freedom and liberty is working! Wrecking the capitalist economy was absolutely necessary to keep us safe." The old trade off of liberty for security. I view this as The Kennedy Assassination V2.0 but against President Trump. There is no way President Trump could be assassinated like Kennedy was (boy they would love that!), so for the globalists this is their alternative. It is all about punishing the voters for the 2016 elections, and making sure the 2020 Elections are not a repeat. Deep state operatives in every aspect of government, the Demon-Crap party, the media, and covert cooperation from the Chi-Coms have created this world-wide crashing of economies and lock-down of free citizens. Although it is about getting Trump, they just consider the rest collateral damage. Shit happens, you know. Problem is, I am not happy with all those in political power regardless of party that have seized power and gone along with this.

People die, every day. I know, I have someone die in my presence pretty regularly. We are a country of around  350,000,000. About 400,000 have tested positive, approximately 13,000 have *died, and 22,539 have recovered. Best estimates I have heard are that perhaps millions have been exposed, had it, and recovered with little or no symptoms. So tell me why again we need to shut down the entire world?

*Died with a positive test, not necessarily of COVID-19. Figures lie and liars figure.

Johns Hopkins CORVID-19 Map as of 4-8-2020

Obviously I cannot get into places that are closed, but I will do what I want where I want. I will continue to go for cruises on my bike. I am planning on going fishing in my kayak as soon as it warms up a little more. If I go to the store and get too close to someone, they can move. If I feel like eating my lunch outside or takeout on my tailgate, I will. I am very concerned for the future and view this event as a successful trial run. Look what the tyrants can now do by declaring a public health emergency. I don't remember the part of The Constitution that says it can be suspended for ANY SUCH REASON. There are an awful lot of people in this country and across the world that need to have a date with a stout rope and a lamp post, or just die of lead poisoning.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Good News For a Change

I just went into my on-line banking service thinking I was going to have to transfer some money out of savings to cover my wife's absent salary. Tomorrow is her normal payday and would be the second pay period for her with no income. Lo and behold....there was a deposit from the Kommiecticut state Department of Labor for her unemployment compensation. Having been unemployed and collecting twice myself over the past few years, I am familiar with how it works. In this case of so many people on temporary lay off due to COVID-19, the process is totally different. Once you file a claim for COVID-19, there is no weekly filing to tell the state you are actively seeking work, able to be hired, etc. The money automatically shows up until you tell them you have gone back to work. This is good for us, because starting today I was going to make a weekly transfer of savings to cover bills, then replace it all after the retroactive unemployment funds arrived.

I hope everyone else that is out of work and has filed for unemployment doesn't have to wait too long to get some income coming in. The forecast from the state of Kommiecticut was that they were really backed up, and it could be weeks before anyone saw any money.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Post Possible Exposure -- Day 7

An update on my life in "The Quiet Corner" these days. Apparently some folks are actually interested in this.

One week ago today I received my potential exposure, more accurately called a "close contact." Neither my partner on that call or I have experienced symptoms, half-way through the total 14 day window for it to possibly show up. I am writing this while on duty in the radio room starting another week at the firehouse. I am working with him again today. The number of confirmed cases in my town is in the single digits, and hopefully I won't have to interact with any of them. That would most likely reset my exposure clock. The state of Kommiecticut has put a "disclaimer" of sorts of the daily COVID-19 statistics. They were claiming that everyone that tested positive and died, died of COVID-19. That is incorrect, and now the state has the following notice above the stats:

All data in this report are preliminary; data for previous dates will be updated as new reports are received and data errors are corrected. Hospitalization data were collected by the Connecticut Hospital Association. Deaths* reported to either the OCME or DPH are included in the daily COVID-19 update.

*For public health surveillance, laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 associated deaths are defined as patients who tested positive for COVID-19 around the time of death; this is not a determination of the cause of death.

For the latest stats from Kommiecticut, go to and click on the radio button that says "Test Data."

My wife is content to stay in her jammies all day in front of the boob tube. Not me, I spent a good amount of time outside over the weekend. Saturday, I finished cutting up a large Maple tree that fell over the stone wall from my neighbor's property onto mine. Nothing was damaged and I am getting a shit load of free firewood to split and stack for my fire pit. Now I need my other neighbor to come over with his tractor so we can load it in the bucket and dump it by my wood pile. I have no way to move it myself except by wheelbarrow. Since the forest fire danger that day was "LOW", I burned all the brush that was down in the fire pit (including this years Christmas tree) and in the yard close by. After it burned down I threw on some firewood, pulled up a chair and cracked a frosty cold Sam Adams. Talk about social distancing. Later that evening, we rented "1917" on Dish pay-per-view, and I gotta say, from the hype about it, I thought it would be better.

Yesterday my wife did get dressed and out of the house. We took the dogs for a nice two mile loop hike, and as usual, I was openly carrying my Ruger GP-161 with speed loaders on a gun-belt. I also grabbed my machete, but not for "zombies", to cut back some briars at the back of my lot to make a new path to the main trail. It didn't work too well because the briars are thin and wispy so the machete kind of pushed them instead of cutting them. I will take my weed-wacker with the brush blade on it up there and do a better job. When we got home, it was about 60 degrees and partly sunny, so I decided to ignore the orders against unnecessary travel. I went for about a 65 mile loop cruise on "The Beast" and only saw a few other bikes out on the road. I have been wanting some ice cream, which is a normal summer time stop while out on the bike. I stopped at Shady Glen on RT. 6 in Manchester, but they were closed. There was no sign on the door except for their hours, and according to the sign they should have been open. Damn...I really wanted a waffle cone of their homemade chocolate/peanut butter ice cream. I could have tried their second location at The Manchester Parkade, but I figured chances are that one would be closed too. Instead I opted for a chocolate/ Heath Bar Blizzard from the Dairy Queen on Hartford Road. What a zoo, but not for me because the crowd was for the drive-thru. Traffic was backed up from both directions waiting to get into the line. I just zipped into the parking lot, parked the bike, and went inside. I was back outside with my treat as the cars on the road were just turning in.....idiots! There was plenty of room in the parking lot, and DQ was set up for social distancing inside the lobby. The dining area was closed off. I sat on my bike enjoying my Blizzard and watching the pissed off people trying to get around the traffic.

When I got home we made dinner. Some boneless-skinless chicken breasts on the grill, dirty mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies. Leftovers for my wife's lunch today and leftover un-mashed boiled potatoes for breakfast homefries. We split up for the evening due to wanting to watch different shows. She watched the country music thing upstairs, and I watched a movie I have never seen...."Downfall" downstairs on the big screen through ROKU. I had only seen the part online where Hitler throws his rant in the bunker, and they were all spoof videos with the caption dialog changed to reflect a current event. Great movie, it was free on Amazon Prime, and was a good diversion. Those that think the current COVID-19 situation is TEOTWAWKI, need to re-visit the gritty nasty details of WWII. The world survived.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Post Possible Exposure -- Day 4

Still no symptoms or fever. Today is my normal day off and it feels good to be out of the firehouse away from the fray, and not have to respond until my duty night coming up this evening. Nighttime ambulance calls are way off....which is good. I also have not been told to report for a COVID-19 test yet, and we haven't been told whether or not the patients we brought in last Monday are still alive. I'm pretty sure they would only tell us if they die.

My wife and I are still maintaining in-house separation, although we enjoyed a nice big breakfast together (just kept 10 feet apart). I am concerned about my rooster Randy, though. He injured his right leg or foot and is limping. He let me pick him up and examine his leg and foot last night, and there are no visible injuries, full range of motion with no crepitus, and his claw gripped my hand so I don't believe anything is broken. I have seen this over the years with the hens too, and they go back to normal in a few days. They are all in the covered pen because of the rain, so he is resting close by food and water.

I remain armed at all times. I would rather be prepared physically and mentally for trouble at all times instead of having to gear up if shit starts getting bad. I am in Colonel Cooper's "Condition Yellow" (see below) except while sleeping, where my home alarm system and the dogs take over for "watch." The calls to release prison inmates grows louder every day here in Kommiecticut and many other states, so just what do they think will happen to crime rates? Rattling my doorknobs will cause that person to have to go and get fresh underwear after I confront them (been there, done that).

Colonel Jeff Cooper's Basics:

The "Four Rules" of Gun Safety


The Conditions of Firearm Carry (as applied to modern firearms, not old school SA revolvers)
  • Condition Four: Chamber empty, no magazine, hammer down.
  • Condition Three: Chamber empty, full magazine, hammer down.
  • Condition Two: Round chambered, full magazine, hammer down.
  • Condition One: Round chambered, full magazine, hammer cocked, safety on. 
  • Condition Zero: Round chambered, full magazine, hammer cocked, safety off. 
I always carry in Condition One. Anything less in my opinion (unless in a competition or on a range) is woefully inadequate. You can certainly do whatever you are comfortable with.

Cooper's Color Codes of Readiness. Black has been added since the original four, but it describes someone that is mentally and physically shut down and incapable of reacting. It is NOT a proper progression of action, it is more of a parallel to "RED" for those that would go from "ORANGE" to severe panic and go to just crying in the fetal position.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Mea Culpa -- I Have Been Oh So Wrong!!

From Liberty Doll:

I always thought county and local law enforcement would be on the side of the armed Citizen Patriot. That it would be unaccountable armed bureaucrats belonging to the federal alphabet agencies that would be the problem "just doing their job" executing illegal orders. On a larger scale under say a Killary administration, imported help from the Blue Helmet Brigade invited in to stomp on our sovereignty and Liberty. Oh how wrong I was, as is evident by the attempted shut down of gun and ammo sales in MANY states. Idiot governors of both parties either declaring retail gun shops as non-essential, or leaving them off the list (on purpose perhaps?) of essential businesses. Then law enforcement backing up the stupidity or taking it upon themselves to "interpret" what the executive order means.

This is bad news for everyone involved. I will have to re-think my scenarios and responses. Governor LaMont (D) (that I never supported) was on the right side of legal gun owners in the state from the start. For that I applaud him. Law enforcement in my area is the Kommiecticut State Police, and they have not yet been involved in anti-Second Amendment activities (except for the ongoing enforcement of the state's "Red Flag Laws"). I have not heard of any problems from the other state police barracks or local PD's either.

So....a warning to any LEO that may read this. Is your job more important than your duty as an American Citizen, upholding The Constitution, or possibly losing your life for a politician's ambitions?

#TBT 4-2-2020

A visit to the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum located in the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center just outside of Dulles Airport in Chantilly, VA. We were in the area for the 2009 National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend.

This is as much of the entire plane I was able to get in one frame.

Those engines and props are gigantic

The plane that ended almost four years of war between the United States and Imperial Japan, and fourteen years of the Empire's reign of terror in all of Asia.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tested Positive For COVID-19

Not me, the patient we brought in yesterday morning. I found out this evening at 17:45. Because we were wearing full PPE, and the nature of the patient's condition (can't divulge more....HIPAA and all that) my partner and I are considered not exposed but what's known as a "close contact." We are also pretty sure the patient's wife will be positive, which means our brothers in the neighboring department that took her in are in the same boat we are. At this point we are waiting to see if symptoms appear, but I think we are probably going to be called in for testing ourselves in the next day or two. So far....nothing has shown up.

I am keeping away from my wife and have moved into the guest bedroom and bathroom. It is our regional health department recommendations for cases like mine.

Also, in case things go sideways for someone like me; a 1st Responder with a possible on duty exposure, the feds have added a COVID-19 Exposure to the list of things that qualify for full benefits in the event of a Line of Duty Death. Between those benefits, my life insurance, and things like Tunnels to Towers (that would pay off my mortgage), my wife will be well taken care of. She had me write down things tonight that should go in my obituary, like military and fire service dates and duty stations she doesn't know all the details of.

For me....shit is now real. Be safe everyone.