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Thursday, January 14, 2021

IMPEACHMENT - The Word Has Lost All Meaning

Impeachment was designed by the Founding Fathers to give congress the ability to remove a president that committed crimes while in office. It was NOT meant to be weaponized or used because you don't like or disagree with the president, and worst of all, no reason except "ORANGE MAN BAD!"

So moving forward, with the impeachment bar set so low, both parties will simply try to impeach and remove the president of the opposite party if they happen to hold the house. Calling everything impeachable reminds me of this video clip from an episode of "Friends" (yes I watched it every Thursday night during its run and in syndication).

In this episode, Monica (played by Courtney Cox) was an aspiring chef and baker. Jon Lovitz played a guy named "Steve." Steve was one of Phoebe's massage clients who happened to be a restaurant owner looking to hire a new chef. Phoebe introduced him to Monica, and in the hopes of being hired, she invited Steve over to cook him a gourmet meal. Steve showed up stoned after smoking marijuana on the ride over that came to her apartment to sample some of her cuisine. Unfortunately, being completely stoned he had a case of the sillies and munchies. In the clip, Monica offers Steve a delicious onion tartlett, and he gets hung up on the word. When you repeat a word over and over (like calling everyone a racist or everything racism for example) your brain becomes numb to the word and it just becomes sounds.

So the house, run by Demon-Craps and their co-conspirator RINOS, have blasted through yet another phony and useless impeachment of President Trump. Acting as the petulant little children they are, they have lashed out and tried to blame The President for the occupation of the US Capitol. I have stated before that congress-critters and deep state swamp dwelling scum are absolutely scared shitless, and I AM GLAD FOR IT. If there is a trial in the senate, it won't conclude until after Gropey Joe and Heels Up Harris are installed (not inaugurated because #NOTMYPRESIDENT), so totally meaningless, but the Demon-Craps have made an important statement....

... by declaring themselves to be TRAITORS!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Witold;

    Another meaningless gesture by Petulant Pelosi.


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