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Thursday, November 19, 2020


If you served in the military you know what that acronym stands for. If not, look it up. I refer to what I just saw on the early evening local news in reference to the non-stop idiotic testing in Kommiecticut..



That's right, most of the state is now a giant RED ZONE OF DEATH! Governor Jolly Ned Lamont has so far resisted the calls from some of the larger cities to shut the state back down, but it is just a matter of time before the temptation to exercise his absolute power takes over again.

I contend the time of "sheeple" is over, and people are gonna just say a collective "FUCK YOU!" They are preemptively threatening businesses, especially those with special licenses. I hope these businesses  just go underground like during prohibition, where the modern prohibition does not just refer to serving alcohol, but to doing business in general.

The question was just posed on live TV about enforcement during the afternoon presser. Jolly Ned's C.O.O. just answered that law enforcement could be used to break up a private Thanksgiving celebration and levy stiff fines. I tweeted the following real time.

I will be armed in my home next week on Thursday, as always. Maybe I'll even stash a couple of locked-n-loaded long guns by the doors... SO BRING IT!

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