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Monday, June 29, 2020

Don't Bring It Out of The City

This did not make news outside of the town it occurred in. But the message was received loud and clear to the intended audience.

Its simply because your protests that are infiltrated by those that would incite violence are not welcome. Rural eastern Kommiecticut farmers and residents have sent a clear message to BLM and ANTIFA by dumping a load of cattle manure in the parking lot of a proposed 3PM "protest" last Friday the 26th. The dumping occurred in the wee hours of Friday morning. Although it was cleaned up by DPW and hosed down by the FD, no one wanted to stand there. Here are a couple of photos:

Initially there was supposed to be a 1 mile march, but down a state road. I guess once they found out they needed a town permit for a parade and state police to close the road, but didn't do any of that, they were going to have a "in place protest." All that ended up happening from what I am told was a few people on the lawn banging on bongos. I went by on  my bike after a Patriot Guard mission around 6:30 PM and saw nothing.

Take a lesson from the video of the armed couple in the gated community in St. Louis, MO and keep moving.... out of town and out of the county.

Because in rural eastern Kommiecticut, if we have to draw, we will open up. Stay in your Demon-Crap controlled hell-hole cities and burn down your own shit.

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