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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Tired Of The Hero Worship

Stop.... please just stop. It was bad enough in the pre-coronavirus days to have someone thank me for my service in the fire department, to which I always just responded with, "You're Welcome!" The local Cumberland Farms stores provide us free coffee if we are in uniform, and if I wasn't I made sure to pay even though they know who I am and tried to wave me through. Now it is ridiculous. Two and a half months ago, no one gave a shit whether you worked in any capacity of health care. It was just your job or career path. Now we are Gods to be worshiped. The PSA commercials highlighting Yale New Haven Health providers are becoming the butts of jokes instead of the sensitive profiles they are meant to be. I don't mind being thanked by patients for being kind and caring as we leave them behind at the ER, that means they are happy with the service we provided. Beyond that... I am just doing my job, as I always have.

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