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Sunday, March 29, 2020

I Am Having Too Much Fun With This Shit

The wife and I just got back from a run to get gas, a stop for lunch, the grocery store, and finally BJ's. Here is my report.

First of all; when we left, the alarm was set, the dogs were loose, and I was packing my Glock 21 in .45 ACP. I opted not to go for the extra bulk of my double mag carrier because the environment around here is still the normal "Code Yellow." If things start going downhill, it will become battle-rattle. We stooped for gas on Main Street in Willimantic where 87 octane regular was $1.62/gallon. Absolutely unheard of in Kommiecticut. It cost $17.90 for a full tank on the RAV-4. Next up, lunch. My wife had a hankering for a Whopper with cheese and bacon, so across town to see "The King." I tried their BK Rodeo Double Stacker....pretty tasty. I told my wife how it reminded me almost of McDonald's when I was a kid. The red and white striped building with the arches through it, and the walk up window to order and get your food, and no dining area. We always ate in the car. She doesn't remember that because as a kid she wasn't allowed to eat at Mickey D's, where as my family ate there once a week. Next we hit the grocery store for a few items we either knew we couldn't get at BJ's, or would have had to get the big bulk size. Not too crowded, but there were some bare shelves for items we did not need, and I don't recall what they were for. I saw lots of silly people walking around in masks that do nothing....DUMB! I don't care any more now than I did before this shit storm started about wiping everything down. I just grabbed a cart and we headed in to shop.

Next up BJ's. Again just a normal shopping trip for us. More silly people in masks, gloves, and sanitizing everything they touch. We took a stroll down the aisle that is normally full of paper towels and toilet paper just for a look-see. Not a square to spare of anything. The only items we could not get on our list were bananas and the Arnold bread I usually buy. I bought a different type of bread and since we passed another grocery store on the way home, that's where we stopped for bananas.

My wife was on the phone with her boss, so I ran in alone. Good thing because I was having a little fun with people, and she would have been embarrassed by my antics. They now have markings on the floor in the stores so you know where to stand. There was an elderly gent in front of me cashing out when I entered the line. I caught his attention, and put one foot over the line and told him I always colored outside the lines too. He pointed at me, laughed, and in a fake rough voice said, "Get Back, Junior!" The cashier was laughing now too. She was young and standing behind one of the new plexiglas safety screens. Then I turned my attention to her and said, "you must feel like you're on a salad bar, because you're behind a sneeze guard." Yup, making with the jokes and out a whole $1.69 for a bunch of bananas.

I am glad to be home. I went on an ambulance call for a cardiac arrest/possible DOA last night. When I got home, my wife asked me about the outcome. I grabbed a wine glass and a spoon, dinged the glass and yelled, "Bring out your dead!" EMS "black humor" at it's best. I only went because if we actually had to do CPR, it is nice to have extra help. I will only respond if the town is blowing up tonight. I finally made the last phone call to check up older friends and family. It was to a retired couple we have been friends with for years. We will remain barricaded from the outside world until I go on shift tomorrow morning.

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  1. Wow! $2.19/gal is the cheapest I've seen here, outside of BJ's or Costco.


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