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All 58,173 (and counting) gun laws nationwide are infringements. REPEAL THEM ALL & DISBAND THE ATF!

Thursday, February 13, 2020


This includes all you Fudds who don't think infringements EVER affect you.

A proposed house bill raised as a redux from last year by one of the hoplophobes in the Kommiecticut General Assembly, Rep. Jillian Gilchrist (D) 18th District calls for an excise tax on all in state initial ammunition purchases of 35%. Last year she tried this crap at a rate of 50% and it got zero traction or support. Her reasoning is to fund gun violence prevention, of course on the backs of EVERY legal gun owner in the state. Because you know we are to blame for shootings that happen almost nightly on the city streets, with our legally purchased firearms and ammo. Certainly not the criminal scum that commit such acts. Here is the bill:

If you think this isn't a big deal, consider this, are cigarettes or bottles of beer taxed in such a punitive manner? Fuck no! Here are some calculations I did, that if passed will certainly increase my reloading activities, and cause me to drive to Rhode Island, Maine or New Hampshire to buy ammo when needed.

I recently bought some .357 Magnum factory ammo for my Marlin 1894CB at Cabela's in East Hartford. My reloads are for target practice, these are for defense, pest control, and killing tyrants.

American Eagle (made by Federal) .357 Magnum 158gr Jacketed Soft Point
Box of 50  $24.99 plus sales tax (6.35%) $1.59 for a total of $26.58 per box

$24.99 / 50 = $0.4998 per round (current)
$0.4998 x 35% = $0.17493 proposed excise tax per round
$0.4998 + $0.17493 =  $0.67473 new price per rond
$0.67473 x 50 = $33.74 new price per box of 50
$33.74 plus tax (6.35%) $2.14 = $35.88 per box

That is a significant price increase for one box of ammo. You Fudds think this isn't a problem for you? How about a calculation just for you, using a box of 20 hunting rounds listed at Cabela's right now.

Federal .30-06 165gr BTSP (Boat Tail Soft Point) Sierra Game King Bullets
Box of 20  $36.99 plus tax (6.35%) $2.35 for a total price of $39.34 per box

$36.99 / 20 = $1.8495 per round (current)
$1.85 x 35% = $0.6475 proposed excise tax per round
$1.85 + $0.65 = $2.50 new price per round
$2.50 x 20 = $50.00 new price per box of 20
$50.00 plus sales tax (6.35%) $3.18 = $53.18 per box

This needs to be vocally and vehemently opposed. Peaceable citizens that buy ammunition legally from a retailer must have a state pistol permit, FID card, or ammunition card. The criminal element gets their ammo from God knows where, and are probably prohibited by law from possessing firearms and ammo to begin with. Therefore, this is nothing more than PUNISHING a political opposition group to the gun ban crowd, which in Kommiecticut means Demon-Craps and RINOS (most of the politicians here). Go to the Kommiecticut General Assembly website and sign up for bill alerts. If it gets to a committee and goes to a public hearing, be sure to submit written testimony in opposition. I have found personally that if you are the average citizen, your testimony given live in front of a committee holds no more weight than just submitting it in writing. If you are an elected official or other VIP, it does. Plus as I have stated before, appearing live to testify is a dirty, disgusting endeavor that makes me feel like I need a shower afterward.


  1. This is twofold, First to generate a revenue stream because leftist love taking money from one group to give to another for votes, it also will drive some occasional shooters to give up the hobby. This doesn't punish the gang bangers and other "protected groups", it sticks it to law abiding gun owners that overwhelmingly vote for the "otherside". It is a win,win,win for them.

  2. And join the CCDL and donate something to them. (I just did.)

    1. I personally have a problem with the CCDL, in that like the NRA, they are just content to "fight" the anti-gun hoplophobes, but not ever win. That way they can continue to exist and fundraise. I was told by Scott Wilson himself, that the well documented Armed Civil Disobedience here in Kommiecticut and NY was a myth, and not a position they would ever support. They were all for citizens capitulating to the wannabe tyrants by registering firearms and magazines. The CCDL would continue to fight them in court, and if they won, then rely on the tyrants to destroy their "LISTS." I do not trust tyrants any more than I do criminals (is there really a difference?).

      I actually long for the day that our 2nd Amendment Rights are restored to The U.S. Constitution, and organizations like the CCDL & NRA are no longer needed.


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