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Sunday, January 12, 2020

New Addition To The Arsenal

It has been a few years since I bought a new firearm. I had been planning on buying a version of this rifle since mid-2016, holding off until right after Christmas. Nope, got laid off in August of that year and was unemployed for seven months so no toys. When the employment picture changed and I had money from my Dad's estate to make such a purchase, I found that there were none to be had anyway. The rifle I desired was a lever action Marlin 1894C in .38 SPL/.357 MAG, to be paired with my Ruger GP-161. I envisioned how nice it would be to have a pistol caliber carbine/pistol combination that was free from Kommiecticut's gun-grabbing tyrants. They were obviously made of unobtainium, so I stopped looking for a while.

Several months back I got an email from the largest gun store in the state, featuring Marlin lever action rifles. There it 1894C Carbine for sale and in stock for $699.99. But the same reason that I went dark on the blog and Twitterverse was the same reason I didn't jump at buying a new firearm (a potential job that most likely would have L.E. wanting to "verify" my firearms). So rather than hide one more that was brand new, I held off. That job didn't pan out, so today I paid a visit to Hoffman's Gun Center. I didn't get the rifle I wanted, I got the rifle I REALLY WANTED!

Marlin 1894 CB (Cowboy) in .38 Special/.357 Magnum. 20 inch octagon barrel and 10 round magazine.

I looked at many versions of this rifle from different manufacturers; Rossi, Winchester, Henry, and Uberti. The features I wanted and the price kept bringing me back to the Marlin. Side gate loading (sorry Henry), not a "toy" (like the Rossi, and what is with that goofy little toggle safety?), easy to mount a scope (not on a Winchester, has to go off to the side), and the price of the Uberti that is built exactly like the Winchester 1873...YIKES!! Upon further research, I decided I really wanted to get the 1894CB (Cowboy) with a 20" octagon barrel and larger magazine capacity. These were really hard to track down and I was having no luck, until today. I went to Hoffman's ready to plunk down the cash for the 1894C Carbine and asked to see it. He brings me an 1894CB! Holy shit, what a beauty....and I couldn't get my ID and credit card out fast enough. It was way more expensive than the carbine at $929.99, but I did not care and bought it. I was tempted to shoot it today, but didn't have the time to properly prepare and then travel to my club range. I will do it another weekend day in the near future. For now, it is still N.I.B. (New In Box). On the way home I stopped at Cabela's to burn up some old gift cards to get a box of ammo for it. I picked up a box of 50 American Eagle (Federal) .357 Magnum 158 gr Jacketed Soft-Nose rounds. These have yellow Federal brass perfect for reloading, and I have a shit-load of my recipe .38 Special loads with a 158 gr plated flat nose ready to shoot.

I had a discussion with a Fudd (see the definition of Fudd I have on my blog Home page) about wanting this particular firearm. When I told him I wanted side-gate loading to be able to SAFELY top-off a magazine on a loaded rifle (can't do that on a Henry), his response was that I was some kind of nut. He asked me if I had Indian troubles over at my place. I want all my firearms to be able to be purposed for defense...whether against the EBT dependent zombies, the jack-booted government goons, or the wildlife raiding my hen house

That was not the only highlight of the day. I ran my home standby generator for it's quarterly preventative maintenance run under a load. The wife was out with a girlfriend so the garage was empty. I could roll the generator out without having to move her vehicle first. I use a set of halogen floodlamps to load the generator, and run it for 1/2 hour. After it cools down, I top off the fuel and cover it up to put away. While doing the generator, I realized I forgot to get compressor oil on the way back from the gun shop. I had already drained it, I just needed to put in the replacement oil, but did not have enough. I KNOW.....I'LL TAKE MY BIKE!! The weather system that has been pounding many areas of the country graced us in Southern New England with just a splash of rain, but temperatures that soared into the 70's this afternoon. The roads were nice and dry and the wind was not as fierce as they said it was going to be. I had a pleasant late afternoon ride out and back, returning home at dusk. It was only 30 miles round trip, but just enough to satisfy my two-wheel cravings for a while.


  1. Congrats on the new acquisition! Have fun shooting it.

  2. I would up getting the Henry version because I wanted to have a commonality of caliber with my .38 and .357. I did learn that the Henry doesn't like .38 special unless the casing is a longer variety. You may have the same problem. And Congratulations on the new gun :)


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