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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

R.I.P. Ty

I know I said I was going dark for a while, but I really needed to post this little tribute.

Ty took his final trip to the vet on Friday November 8th. Always the fighter (he had many fights with our other dogs over his lifetime), he would not go peacefully. The vet starts the process with a sedative to keep the animal calm. After a few minutes, the drug that stops the heart is administered, and about a minute after that, it is usually over. Not Ty....not only was his heart still beating, he picked up his head and shook his ears. Because of his poor circulation, the initial dose was ineffective. The vet ended up having to prepare another injection site in his front leg, and give him another full dose of the euthanasia drug. This time it worked, and my little boy was gone. The vet ended up giving him the amount of euthanasia drug needed for a dog almost six times his size. My wife and I held his lifeless body and cried for a little while afterward in private.

Ty on duty in the firehouse radio room this past September 12th

As I stated in an earlier post, we pay to have all our dogs individually cremated. His ashes and paw print were ready for pickup a few days later. His remains came in a nice dark cherry finished box, with the engraved brass name plate, and photo window. There was room in the box to put his collar, tags, and a piece of his favorite stick I cut to fit inside, complete with his teeth marks.

As usual, I did tear up while typing this. Now back to the darkness.

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