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Monday, October 7, 2019

Greenies Talkin' To Me Tryin' To Tell me How To Live!

The title of my post is a modification of the lyrics to Cheech & Chong's "Earache My Eye" song. For those of us old enough to remember this gem from our youth....enjoy!

My own experience with enviro-nazis goes like this:

Prior to 2005, I used to live in a more urban setting. I had a 1000sq. foot Cape Cod style house built in 1950 on a .2 acre city lot. The area had lots of nice old trees, meaning an annual leaf cleanup. One fall day, while blowing leaves into a big pile for pickup, this little girl (meaning 18-24, not 15 like Little Greta-Puppet) was walking by and decides to come onto MY PROPERTY to scold me for using an evil gas powered leaf blower. I shut it off and decided to discuss the terms at which I would agree to be more environmentally responsible. I told her that for the entire year, I used about 4 gallons of gasoline and maybe a quart of 2-stroke oil to maintain my yard, at a cost of about $12. I told her this was her chance to prove she was on-board with me no longer using my leaf blower; I offered her $25 cash (twice what it would normally cost) to use my rakes and she was more than welcome to manually rake my yard all season as needed. As the anger started to show on her face, I also said I would provide all the drinking water she would need, as well as feed her a meal if she was there working long enough. As you have guessed, she was not only NOT on board, but I got the usual libtard two-handed one-finger salute and profanity laced tirade. That is when I told her how disappointed I was about her not putting her money where her mouth is, and that she had no right to come onto my property to tell me how to live. I suggested she hastily leave before she won the silver bracelet award from the local PD. She stomped away still yelling her crap, but I could no longer hear her with my ear muffs on and the leaf blower screaming.

Now I live on several acres in the woods. The annual leaf cleanup still occurs, but I don't pick them up, I blow them into the woods. My back country road is 1 1/2 miles long and has 13 houses on it. No one would dare enter my property or any of my neighbor's like that. Not only might they meet their demise, but their remains would probably never be found.

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