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Monday, May 15, 2017

I Am Back to Full Employment

Greetings faithful readers and those visiting my blog for the first time. It has been over a month since I've posted new content, and it has been a very busy time for me. A couple of job interviews with no employment outcome, and lots of on-line applications with no response. I picked up part time employment with no benefits at my local fire department, working as a Firefighter/EMT 12 hours a day, but with no bennies. But it was some money coming in, since unemployment ran out on March 14th, and it was fulfilling the "#2 Dream Job". Number one is owning and managing my own firearms shop in Texas, but that is far in the future. As the eleventh hour approached to calling a realtor and listing the house, a friend told me about a potential job opportunity. He handed me a woman's business card and told me, "Call her. She's looking for someone and you would be perfect." All my job hunting so far had been fruitless on-line CRAP, but here I am making a phone call and getting a face to face with the person that would hire me and be my boss. Totally old school job hunting. When my previous employer laid me off, I told them I was done with telecommunications and technology. Well, I meant it, so here I am meeting with an employer in the aviation industry. She asked me my experience with aviation, and I told her it was no more than watching an aircraft fly over my house, or watching them take-off and land along side an airport runway. However, I am highly skilled, and it turns out a lot of those skills transfer directly to aviation. I told her that because of my skillset, I only needed to learn some specific tasks and procedures. In three and a half weeks, I have many entries in my training log, and in about 18 months, should earn my FAA certification. I don't want to give away exactly what I do and where to keep my anonymity, but it is a good job with a future, even though I am making about half what I was before I got laid off. I will get a raise after 90 days, unlike the jackasses I was working for that never gave me squat in over five years.

Although I REALLY wanted to get the hell out of the PSRK (and this was going to be my excuse), it was going to be more difficult than I imagined. If it was just me, I would have left right after Christmas. But it isn't just me, and there are many loved ones involved. So I tried my damnedest to get another job before we would HAVE to go. The amazing thing to me is the fact that after being unemployed over seven months, we never missed a mortgage payment or any other bill. I always thought we could only last a month before facing foreclosure or some other financial catastrophe. I did sell my classic car and a few other luxuries that would have cost nothing to keep, but put cash in our pocket to stay afloat. While we can keep up on our bills, we aren't putting anything in savings or retirement right now, but we will.

Now since I have full employment, I will continue to operate as a "gray man" behind enemy lines. The PSRK is circling the drain financially, and taxes are going to go through the roof at all levels and on everything if Emperor Dannel I and the useless idiots in the state legislature don't stop declaring A REVENUE PROBLEM! There are so many budgetary sacred cows that real spending cuts are not even a remote possibility. A revolt is coming, as town budget referendums fail, and people continue the exodus out.

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