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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

NO! On Bill #787

I receive regular emails from CT State Senator Len Suzio about issues affecting citizens of the PSRK. In one of the latest, Emperor Dannel I and his obedient minions have decided to try and close the $1.7B budget gap with an additional $9M to $11M on the backs of firearms permit holders, by raising all associated permit fees by 400%. They say it is to raise needed revenue, however, THAT IS A LIE! It is strictly a punishment against a group of citizens PSRK LIBTARDS view as political opponents. The evidence of this is as follows; the PSRK State Police Firearms Unit has reported that they are one of the few state agencies that exceeds revenue expectations and run a surplus, strictly using the fees they collect at current rates. Also, no other licenses or fees collected by the state are being raised. If license revenue was such a boon to state coffers, why would they not raise all license fees?

The following is the written public testimony I have submitted to the PSRK General Assembly. As you can see, I don't hold back:

Once again, the Administration and General Assembly shows just how hostile it is to The US Constitution's
Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment, as well as The Connecticut Constitution Article The First
Sec.15, and of course all legal firearms ownership. Raising the fees to a punitive level for background
checks, initial permit application, and renewals will NEVER raise enough revenue to even start to close
the monstrous budget deficits. Those were not caused by diminishing revenue, but by out of control
spending in Hartford. But then, as most of us firearms owners and permit holders know, balancing a
budget is not really the intent here. The real intent is more gun control using the declining personal
income of citizens that will no longer be able to afford permits. As confirmation of this theory, no proposals
have been raised to increase any other license or permit fees required in the state.

Perhaps the state would be fine with folks no longer acquiring or renewing their permits, and going full
"Constitutional Carry" like the criminal element does? After all, criminals seem to have no problem acquiring
and carrying firearms WITHOUT paying punitive fees to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. Or, is
the state happy with just creating another reason for the declining population of the state I now call

 I have also commented back to Sen Suzio about the upcoming $300,000.00 cut that will close all the state's rest areas permanently. Last fall, they cut the open hours of the rest areas to 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, which was bad. I told him that the state will turn the shoulders of all the roads in the state to one big outdoor toilet. When public testimony opens on this subject, I will be sure to let them know where I stand.

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