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Monday, February 20, 2017

Had to School My Wife

I hate to use that term, because my wife is a normally savvy and intelligent woman. The other night, while watching the news, the story was on about the ICE raids around the nation, and the round-up of illegals for deportation. I said aloud at the TV "Round `em Up!" My wife turns and looks at me and exclaims, "How can you say that! You're entire family history is based on immigration!" She had fallen prey to the #FAKENEWS stories that do not draw the distinction between my great-grandparents from Canada held up for vetting in Vermont, or from Poland held up for God knows how long at Ellis Island, from those that enter illegally. Also, those that are being deported right now have committed crimes while being here illegally. My ancestors were NOT criminals. They were all hard working and God-fearing people employed in the mills and textile factories of Massachusetts. They raised their families and paid their taxes and were upstanding members of their communities. While it is true they were all white of European descent, that didn't make them any better than any brown people that came here, because they ALL assimilated to the American way of life and learned English. They did this without discarding their heritage. Although most of my family is French-Canadian, I got most of my ethnic heritage from my maternal grandmother's Polish family. Devout Catholics, we celebrated Christmas and Easter with traditional Polish food, which I still enjoy whenever I can. I am pro-immigration as long as the country can handle the numbers wanting to come into the U.S., but anyone that comes here MUST enter legally, assimilate to American culture, learn English, and not come looking for a handout.

After that brief exchange with my wife, she has been silent on the issue.

I Am Done With The CT Citizens Defense League (CCDL)

Did anyone seriously expect the attacks on our 2nd Amendment Rights to slow here in the PSRK? The state budget is in the red by $1.7B for at least each of the next two years, but as we know, the marxist pigs in Hartford can never get rid of true waste and bloat. I mean, do we really expect them to eliminate political hack jobs like the 2nd Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner of Economic Development in Asia? Or not spend $250M they don't have, to renovate the XL Center in Hartford with the delusional hope that the NY Islanders hockey team might want to move there? Or the ever growing expansion of the "Magic Bus" that state officials STILL haven't produced ridership numbers for? We all knew that boondoggle was going to consume state subsidies forever. In order to try and raise the paltry sum of about $11M, Emperor Dannel I has proposed raising gun permit fees from $70 for five years to $300, as well as other fee increases for background checks.

In light of these proposals, The CT Citizens Defense League posted a blog post about it, which I decided to comment on. The link to the blog is below:

CCDL Blog: CT To Sharply Increase Gun Permit Fees

Scroll down to read my comment of February 12th, and the reply from Chris Lemos of the CCDL. It was his reply that made me realize that the CCDL is no better than Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, BLM, and all the other race-baiting poverty hustlers out there. They need poverty and racial tensions to keep fund raising and living high on the hog. I now view an organization like CCDL the same way. Especially the way they deny the fact that there IS widespread Armed Civil Disobedience in the PSRK, which is confirmed by the fact that the CT State Police have not and will not release the numbers regarding compliance rates. I can attest personally, that the underground gun economy is still quite active, with firearms transfers occurring WITHOUT state permission, and smuggling in of forbidden items from Free states happens regularly. In fact, I would surmise that the PSRK had more control of firearms before 2013 than they do now.

If all of a sudden, the PSRK went full Constitutional Carry and became the freest state in the union as far as firearms go, there would be a bunch of unhappy and unemployed miscreants.

I prefer this......

....over this! These are the sheeple that lined up on the last possible day at the PSRK state public safety complex in Middletown to register their now banned items.

And for anyone that thinks the 2nd Amendment is just about your hunting rights, a brief lesson.