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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Captain on Twitter

Ever since its inception, I have shunned social media. In my own family, Fakebook has caused strife and separation. I find it mostly vapid and narcissistic. I mean, do you need to see what I had for lunch today? Maybe you'd like to see it again a few hours later floating in a toilet....hmmmm?

I have been on Twitter since June. It started off slow, but I now have over 500 followers, and growing every day. Since I don't use it to make money I refuse to "buy" blocks of followers, and am not yet "famous" enough to have the numbers like, say, a Lady Gaga. I gain my followers the old fashioned way. Someone likes or re-tweets a post, or if they follow me first, I follow back with very few exceptions. Those exceptions are people or organizations that are just selling something, like books, services, products, etc. I have a couple of followers that are reporters and authors, but along with occasionally promoting their books, they post conservative content I find interesting and agree with, and they will respond directly to me. That's another thing, I am not interested in having a Twitter war with some liberal nut, commie, SJW, or snowflake. I am on Twitter to dialogue with like minded folks, and from what I see there are lots of true American Patriots out there. It could be fun to get some hate, death threats, maybe targeting from Southern Poverty Law Center, but none yet. I have even poked at the SPLC, as well as certain asshole US Senators (Blumenthal, Murphy, Schumer, Warren, and McCain), and douche-bags in Hollyood (Lena Dunham, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, Madonna) but I am just small fry. For now. Twitter is why my posting on this blog has slowed from the fever pitch of the earlier days. But I will not abandon it, I use both, and when I post new content here, I tweet a link to the blog and get reader traffic that way. Tweets are limited to 140 characters. You can get away with more if you create text in a .jpg and add it to your post as a photo. If I have much more to say, it will be here.

If you are so inclined to join Twitter, do as I do and PLEASE use a pseudonym. Unless you want to personally be attacked, threatened, or possibly lose a job, do not EVER use your real name. Leave that to the narcissistic Hollywood types or politicians. You can find me on Twitter at @witold_pilecki  Only a couple of people actually know I am on Twitter and even fewer know my true identity, and I see no reason to change that.

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  1. I've stayed away from Twatter until now. I may join, just to be able to follow Pres Trump (I can never say that enough) directly without going through the DemSM spin filters.

    B Woodman