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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Saturday Breakfast Post - Carried in a GFDZ...AGAIN!

As regular readers know, I am an active participant in the Armed Civil disobedience. This has many elements, one of which is the ignorance of the GFDZ (Gun-Free Death Zone) designation. Here in the liberal utopia that is the PSRK, that designation carries the force of law without the stringent requirements of other states, and it is a felony. I always carry concealed, and pay particular attention to the different parts of personal defense carry; weather/climate, wardrobe, geographical location, high crime area, activity I am participating in, etc. I ensure that no one will know I am carrying unless the time comes to draw my weapon and defend myself.

Last night, my adult daughter and I attended a performance at The Bushnell Performing Arts Center in Hartford. It was a 7:30 PM showing of the Monty Python classic "The Holy Grail", followed by a personal appearance and Q & A with John Cleese. The movie is one of our all time favorites, and John Cleese was very funny, and we gained insight into the Monty Python troupe that we never had. A couple of times, he made disparaging comments about Trump and the election in general, but he is a I figured since he is a British "subject" and not a "citizen" it probably did not make a lot of sense to him what really happened on November 8th. I did notice though, that he never mentioned Killary or the thought she might be better, so I also think he said what he said more for the comedy aspect. He did also speak to the Brexit situation, and did not really have anything good to say about the EU, so how bad can he really be?

The Bushnell is located in the capitol area, right on the edge of the high crime/drug-infested Frog Hollow neighborhood, and next to Bushnell Park. Crime can come at you from two different directions. Parking for the Bushnell is either on the streets, or in the parking lots for all the state buildings in the immediate area. Parking is free, however, you will be walking on the streets to get to the theater. Is that somewhere an individual such as myself is going to go defenseless? No. A little over a year ago, the Bataclan Theater in Paris was attacked by jihadi gunmen. Was I going to be trapped in theater defenseless. HELL NO! The Bushnell has an "All Weapons Forbidden" policy, clearly stated when you purchase tickets. What I wasn't sure of, is whether they would be searching or have metal detectors at the door. I got there early enough to scope it out, and if they did, decide whether I would not see the show, or return to my truck and secure (which I can) my firearm. It turns out, they do not check! The weapon of choice last night was my Ruger SR9c, carried IWB at the small of my back, and one spare mag in a carrier on my left rear hip. While I really wanted my Glock 21 in .45 ACP with TWO extra mags, that would have been too difficult with the small theater seats. I would have had to keep my coat on the whole time to remain concealed. It would not have been comfortable at all. The SR9c and magazine was tucked under my pullover and remained out of sight. My daughter did not know for sure I was carrying, however, she knows me well, and I'm sure she figured I was. We have not discussed it, and it really isn't necessary.

Everyone has to do what is best for them. I encourage those of you, brave and responsible enough to do as I do, ignore the GFDZ designation and carry everywhere. I have been carrying almost daily since 1983. The only time I ever drew a handgun for possible defense (did not fire) was at my own front door. It is for the good of yourself, loved ones, everyone around you, and the nation.

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  1. I carry most everywhere I go. Including our local "No Weapons Allowed" movie theater. I'll have to send you pics of my preferred CCW method.

    I'm glad you had a great time with your daughter, watching John Cleese.

    B Woodman