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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Had Enough Yet, Kommiefornia?

So Californians, have you had enough yet? Just like in Massachusetts, a simple re-write of regulations and "POOF" you are now in possession of illegal firearms. Were they previously registered? Then you are on the list, for when the tyrant's obedient, oath-breaking, jack-booted goons come to your door at zero-dark-thirty for forced confiscation.

The "Bullet Button", once a compliance, is now "VERBOTTEN!"

It is not too late to salvage your Liberty, but it requires use of the Armed Civil Disobedience. As a refresher here are the requirements:


DO NOT participate in their new registration scheme. Years ago, long gun owners in the sewer that is NYC, were told they could possess their rifles and shotguns if they were registered. On November 18, 2013 gun owners in NYC began receiving notices like the one in this article. Whether they complied or not is unknown, I assume they did, probably by getting the guns out of the city. We here in the PSRK have certainly given a giant middle finger salute to Hartford in response to their post Sandy Hook gun control with an 85% non-compliance rate. 

People across America are fed up. Armed Civil Disobedience is alive and well in CT, NY, MA, MD, CO, WA, & OR. Michael Bloomberg and his band of misguided losers have been soundly defeated in ME and a couple of southern states after spending MILLIONS to try and influence referendums and elections to favor gun control. Now with Trump about to take office and promising restoration of our 2nd Amendment rights, the future looks much brighter. 

To those morons that think gun control is STILL the answer, I have but one word for you.....



  1. Another way to do it: WWNC - We Will Not Comply
    Coupled with: Molon Laabe.
    No need to hide or bury one's weapons. You may be needing them too soon.

    B Woodman

  2. Have you read about this yet:

    I don't know if you read much sci-fi. My favorite author has always been Robert A Heinlein. I always enjoyed the background and society that he always put his characters and story. That said, could this be the beginning of the balkinization of the US? Read "Friday".

    Much as I would enjoy having Kalifornication leave the US, I also fear the long term repercussions.

    B Wooodman