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This blog is dedicated to the Life and Service of Captain Witold Pilecki - May 13, 1901 to May 25, 1948

Friday, January 27, 2017

Captain Witold Pilecki's Aushwitz Report

Thanks to a Twitter follower named Tomek Kulpa, that I assume is either a Polish citizen or a Polish immigrant to the US, I received a link to Captain Witold Pilecki's first hand account of his time at Auschwitz. It was hand written by him in Polish and translated to English. It is an incredible read, and the fact he subjected himself to those horrors for the greater good of exposing what was really happening, is absolutely mind-blowing. I urge everyone to take the time to read it. I have it as a permanent link on the main page of this blog, and for convenience it is below.

Captain Witold Pilecki's Auschwitz Report

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