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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

News from Behind Enemy Lines

Tomorrow, December 14th, is the fourth anniversary of the mass murders in Newtown, CT. Contrary to the way this is always written and spoken about, 28 people died that day, not the 26 normally reported. According to the liberal media and the gun-grabbing libtards in the PSRK, only twenty precious elementary school students and their six educators died that day. WRONG! Nancy Lanza was the first victim shot by her son Adam, and Adam himself was the final victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police approached. But as I have said in earlier posts, you can't tug at the heartstrings and call for more gun control (ultimately universal civilian disarmament) if you count all the victims. I have also previously declared that the PSRK is ultimately responsible for all 28 deaths, since it was THEIR failings that Adam was not able to get the mental health care he needed. Tomorrow, from 09:30 to 09:45, the entire town of Newtown will stop. No work will be performed anywhere in town so everyone can sit quietly and reflect. I call bullshit....they want to keep picking at that scab to keep the wound fresh and bloody in preparation for the upcoming legislative session. So, between 09:30 and 09:45 tomorrow I will be shooting in my backyard range. I will fire one round every 32 seconds (28 for the entire 15 minutes) into a old frying pan I have suspended from a tree branch out back. Just to make some joyful noise...the report of the rifle and the clang of the pan. Supposedly, no town employee will answer any phones during that period either. So, if you have nothing to do during that period, feel free to constantly ring the phones at town offices, public works, the schools, etc for the entire 15 minutes. I celebrate the day every year as "National Firearms Appreciation Day" and actually purchased a firearm on this date in 2014.

The other day, Emperor Dannel I poo-pooed the looming $1.5B budget deficit for FY 2017, not as the huge over-spending mess that it is, just that due to the slow recovering state economy, revenues aren't coming in as projected. Is this asshole delusional or what? What a bunch of political double-speak, much like what comes out of his master's pie-hole. In this state, as we all know there is always but one BOHICA everyone! (For those who were never in the military, BOHICA is an acronym for "Bend Over, Here It Comes Again")