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Friday, November 4, 2016

Elections 2016

Here's my take on this upcoming election....put Trump in the White House and elect Republicans
all the way down the and including Dog Catcher! Hold the House and Senate, and ensure
your duly elected senators confirm judges that will uphold The Constitution. If there is any doubt
about a judicial nominee, they are to be soundly rejected.

Send incumbent Demo-Craps home, and ALL THE TRAITORS TO THE GALLOWS!

Here in the PSRK, we have been suffering under single party rule for over 40 years. The state
is in a total shambles, and the Demo-Craps only want to do more of the same. While the election
outcome will not be changing the fact that I am leaving for the Republic of Texas, I still have
family here that will continue to suffer under marxist policies of uber-liberals.

We want this......

Certainly not this....

I'll take the guy who has a proven ability to manage a billion plus dollar company, but sometimes
says things that aren't very nice; over the un-indicted felon with a thirty plus year public service 
record of failure and inaction that leaves a trail of dead bodies behind. 

"At this point, what difference does it make.....?" I'll tell you what difference it makes, BITCH! I
hope to live to see the day you and the rest of the current administration are executed as traitors.

If you have already participated in early voting with a paper absentee ballot and voted for The Whore
of Satan, you can change your vote by showing up at the polls in person and casting your vote for the
entire GOP lineup. You may find you sleep a little more sound at night.

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