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Monday, October 3, 2016

My Apologies To All

Dear Readers,

I am OK. As I have said in my previous post, my shit head former employer let me go right
before our big western trip. I am not even half-way through writing my after action report, but
other things have me occupied right now. I have been busy selling items off and sorting through
more to be sold. My collector car, cargo trailer, and snowmobile are gone. There is much more to
go. I have been searching for a new job to provide income and benefits until spring, when we will
put the house on the market. I want to downsize so that everything we have fits in one 28' box truck.
My wife is now totally on board, and is actively participating in the down sizing. She realizes that
life as we knew it is over, and it's time to GTFO!

UPDATE 10-8-16: To be clear, my after action report has nothing to do with my employment
situation. It is simply a chronicle of our Great Western Trip. My termination was over and done
with on a single afternoon in August. I apologize for any confusion.  


  1. What good is an AAR? Who's going to read it besides the f**ktard who fired you? And will there be any improvements in the company that dumped you? Other then a record so that you can say, "I told you so" later when the whole enterprise goes bankrupt belly up. If you must, at least be sure to distribute it to EVERYONE that you still have contact with at the old work place, workers and management alike.
    But give it to the headshed AFTER you have your new job. If they read it and don't like what you're saying, they could tell any future prospective employer that you're a "hothead" and/or a "malcontent", with a "bad attitude" and "does not play well with others".

    Other then that, good luck to you, happy job hunting. If you must make a choice, go for the money and forego the benefits for now.
    In your downsizing, don't let go of the storage food and weapons.

    B Woodman

  2. WP (Willy Peter? => White Phosphorus?),
    I look forward to eventually reading about your Great Western Trip. If you ever get to the point to making another GWT, come on out to Utah.

    How is the job hunting going? Hopefully you're using the proper caliber (hehehehe)

    B Woodman