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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Property Ownership Test...Can You Sell It?

I read this op-ed by Jeff Jacoby in my evening newspaper tonight. It echos a sentiment I heard from Dr. Walter E. Williams about property rights when he was substitute hosting the rush Limbaugh Show once. One of the tests of personal property is if you can sell it outright. Some things you can, others will involve state "authorization" or taxation (automobiles, real estate, and in some places firearms). To me, the ultimate piece of private property is my own body. But I guess I don't really own it, because I can not sell blood, skin, bone marrow, a lung, a kidney, etc. Therefore, since I or my estate upon death can not sell my transplant-able organs, they will go with me into the cremation oven intact as God made me. One of the main points Jacoby raises is the fact that everyone involved in the transplant receives payment for services, except the donor or his estate. Not too fair in my humble opinion.

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