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Sunday, August 7, 2016

"And Now For Something Completely Different"

My simple recipe for The Captain's Buffalo Chicken Salad. I just made some for our lunch, and thought I would share it.


One 12.5 oz can of chicken breast (I used Members Mark from BJ's) or equivalent cooked leftover chicken breast
Miracle Whip (use mayo if you prefer, but it won't taste as flavorful)
Frank's Red Hot Sauce (and just like the commercial says, "I put that shit on everything!"

Drain and shred the chicken. Out of the can it is pretty chunky so I break it up fine. Add just enough Frank's to fully coat the chicken to the color of the sauce, without adding too much to make it soggy. I suppose if I were a REAL chef, I would give you exact measurements, but I am not. I believe most of my readers to be intelligent and full of common sense. Then add just enough Miracle Whip to bind it together. I hate getting tuna, chicken, or seafood salad out somewhere that has WAY too much mayo in it. We'll usually make wraps out of this with lettuce and tomato to take on our kayak day trips for lunch.

This week I will probably post more pertinent political info from behind enemy lines, but it is Sunday, The Lord's day of rest, and I am not interested in Trump vs Killary crap at the moment. Or the continuing failure of the PSRK.

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  1. Maker's Mark? I thought that was an alcoholic libation. But, it's your recipe. . . .
    (check your legs. see which one is longer. that's the one I'm pulling)

    B Woodman