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Friday, July 22, 2016

Their Faces Must Have Melted Off

The Trump Acceptance Speech 7-21-16

My wife and I watched most of it last night, but since we had to work today we shut the TV off and went to bed a little after 11. Here is my take on it.

First let me say this; Trump was not my guy, Senator Ted Cruz was. After Senator Cruz's failure to acquire enough delegates and then not endorse Donald Trump at the convention; well, I must say I am deeply disappointed in Senator Cruz. I hope he can get re-elected in Texas to continue to be an effective US Senator, repair and rebuild the damage to his political capital, and make another run in the future.

When he hit the magic 1237 delegate number, Donald Trump simply became my #NeverHillary vote. After some of his statements about removing most GFDZs, (Gun-Free Death Zones), national reciprocity concerning firearms, and his support of The Second Amendment, he became more than my #NeverHillary vote. Rather than voting against that evil "Whore of Satan", I will be voting for Donald Trump. It will be the first time since 2000 I will be voting for a presidential candidate, rather than just voting against one. For the are my presidential votes since my first in 1980.

1980 = Carter (I was young and stupid, believed the lies about Ronald Reagan starting WW III, and had no real clue about Carter's abysmal record. Please....forgive me.)
1984 = Reagan
1988 = George H.W. Bush (for his war record and the third term of Reagan)
1992 = George H.W. Bush (voting against Slick Willy, but not happy with the "read my lips" lie)
1996 = Dole  (voting against Slick Willy, but liked Dole for his war record)
2000 = George W. Bush (liked W and did not want a third term of Slick Willy or first term of Gore)
2004 = George W. Bush (not happy with W 2nd term, but definitely against the traitor Kerry)
2008 = McCain (against The Jackass, but can't stand the squishy RINO. Held my nose for this one)
2012 = Romney (against The Jackass, but can't stand the squishy RINO. Held my nose for this one)

Now onto the Democraps.....I do not watch the liberal legacy media in any form. But I have to guess that the left has to be in full tilt insanity, and will be for the next few days, culminating in their convention. The Democraps will be in full SJW mode, complaining (which truly amazes me) that more of the damage of the last 8 years needs to occur!

My take away from last night's speech is what needs to be done to repair the damage of the last 8 years, and even going back to the last 50 or so. Trump's speech was totally in their face, and a full indictment of the failings of The Jackass and especially Killary Rotten Clinton. He was saying the things so many of us wished we could have heard loud and clear from the GOP. After all, they were given huge victories in the house in 2010, and again with the senate in 2014, but all we got was squishy nonsense and NO opposition from the likes of Boehner, McConnell, and now Ryan. One of my sayings is "The Democraps want to take the country over the cliff at 100 MPH, and the GOP only wants to do it at 75MPH. No one sees the problem of going over the cliff and hits the brakes!"

God help this country.

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  1. Unsure of the quote or its source:
    "If you're not Democrat when you're young, you have no heart. If you're not Republican when you're older, you have no brains."

    B Woodman