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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The PSRK; Always Finding New Ways To Empty YOUR Wallet!

As gas prices stay relatively low, and fuel efficiency goes up, states like the PSRK that rely heavily on fuel taxes are hurting. Especially when the PSRK came up with the wholesale gas tax which is price dependent. Of course, fuel taxes have not been dedicated to repairing and expanding the crumbling infrastructure for decades, it just all gets dumped into the general fund to help pay for the entitlement giveaways. You know, the giant money-laundering scheme that keeps the single party rule in power in this bluest of blue states.

So, here is their new scheme:
Lawmakers Run Down A "Mileage Tax"
Source: CT Post 6-27-16 by Bill Cummings

Apparently a group called the "I-95 Corridor Coalition" has been commissioned and received funding to study the feasibility of a mileage based tax. Uh....I don't think so! There are many problems with this type of tax, and I'm sure I really don't need to list them here, because my readers are intelligent enough to think of them on their own. I mean really, how would they not be taxing me for road use of a motor fuel I put in my lawnmower? Or conversely, if I don't pay the mileage tax at the pump, then who's to say the ten 5-gallon jerry cans of unleaded I just filled isn't for my lawn equipment? Are they going to replace the gas tax with this? Please....we're still paying a portion of the tax that was levied to pay for The Spanish-American War on all of our telephone bills.

I have a better idea for the PSRK state government.....YOU LISTENING IN HARTFORD??? Follow The Constitution at both the state and federal level. Provide only those services most reasonable people would expect. If you do, your spending problem will automatically resolve itself, and's a big one.....those savings could get passed on to us lowly taxpayers.

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  1. Believe it was that crook Rowland who absconded the monies raised by Pittman,Robertson Act.All tax monies raised from hunting ,fishing supplies bought was earmarked for conservation Fish &game..That money has went in the general fund and not towards fish and game.Like the federal law intended. Believe that Dim wit turd Malloy shut down a trout hatchery.Also you would be surprised to learn Mike Lawlor was the sole deciding hold over vote.For Weickers state income tax.Red KKGB Mike Lawlor was a page in D.C. for old Lowell for 2 summers on the CETA program in high school.Even though Weicker was a republican.Mikes parents were democrat political hacks in East Haven. His step Dad was principal of Union School. His Mom worked @ the Town Hall. Ceta [federal]program was earmarked for low income families. He has 2 brothers. My father was a truck driver with a 6th grade education. Had 5 kids. I was disqualified for Ceta program.The town said my Dad made to much money.Mikes Mom made more than my Dad. Two wings of the same corrupt bird.. Mikes brother Kevin Graduated from UCONN as a lawyer.He needed a job.Mikes brother was appointed Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for town of Milford. No body gets that kind of position right out of college.Kevin Lawlor got a job .We the taxpayer got a state income tax. Both establishment parties wanted the income tax. But it was political suicide .So Lowell magically appears as an Independent .So every time you pay a state sales tax .Remember a political hacks younger brother needed a job. Now Kevin is Senior Prosecuting Attorney for Milford.I could tell you more.Behind enemy lines Ct.