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Friday, July 1, 2016

The "Handshake" of A Wimp

One way to tell the person you are meeting is a total puss, not a leader, or even a real man, is by their handshake.

Awkward 3-Way Handshake
Source: ABC News

I went to trade school, back in the day when very few girls attended, by their choice. Females were NOT excluded. So it was a very male dominated curriculum, in which the girls that graduated from it did at the same standards. Employers (car dealers, home builders, industry, etc.) were practically lined up at graduation looking for new hires. Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and Hamilton Standard being two of the biggest. I got hired a couple of months into my senior year in my trade, part time after school and on weekends. It was the best high school education ever, and in senior year I was making money and had my OWN car.

Part of what we were taught in our senior year, was how to write resume's, interview for jobs, public speaking, and meeting people. We spent time learning how to meet and interact with strangers. Learn their name, and properly shake their hand. Eye contact with the individual, arm extended at your belly, elbow at a 90 degree, then thrust slightly forward, hand open and thumb up, and using your peripheral vision for final alignment, interlock your hand at the thumb web. You grasp firmly, and give 2 or 3 pumps, and then release. We practiced it until we were all like seasoned business men, making big deals daily. Of course, you must make adjustments for the ladies, because you still want to shake hands like a man, but not hurt them. You only meet and shake one person's hand at a time. I do know a woman, who's a pretty tough broad and quite fetching for her age. When you meet her, you'd better be prepared for her handshake, or you're gonna need an ice pack for that hand. Her husband just steps back and laughs. They are good people.

Which brings us to that display in the video of The Jackass. Here is someone coddled all his life by academics and other limp-wristed ne'er do wells. Never holding a real job, owning his own business or making a payroll. Never had to interview for anything. Never made anything with his hands, and if he ever developed a callous, it would probably mean a tearful ambulance ride to the closest ER.

Say what you will about Trump, but I bet when you shake his hand, you know you just met a man.

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  1. I never could stand a clammy, limp, dead fish "handshake". Always wanted to flick the water off my hand immediately afterwards, or at least wipe off with towel.

    B Woodman