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Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Some Men, You Just Can't Reach"

From one of my favorite movies, "Cool Hand Luke" starring Paul Newman and George Kennedy. Now I know Paul was quite the lib, but he was a great actor and a down to earth guy that I met once briefly before his death in 2009. Here is the whole scene:

Luke would never give up trying to escape, and no matter how badly he was treated, he kept it up, totally frustrating The Captain. The Captain thought if he could just convince Luke to accept his incarceration, it would be alright.

Which brings me to today's post. There was an article on Ammoland that talked about the new gun laws in Kommiefornia. In order for them to be enforced fully, it WILL require house to house searches of gun owners and non-gun owners alike to "find" all the now banned, newly classified "assault weapons" and magazines larger than 10 rounds. As you would agree, a total violation of EVERYONE'S 4th and 5th Amendment Rights. In Kommiefornia, AR rifles were perfectly legal, as long as they had a magazine release that required a tool to use. The famous "bullet button." Also, ownership of magazines holding more than ten rounds were legal to own and use, just no more could be made, sold, traded, or otherwise transferred. Those are now felonies, thanks to the stroke of a tyrant's pen. Read the full article here.

I decided to comment on the article, in my usual support of The Armed Civil Disobedience. Below is the little exchange I had with someone who seems more than happy to bend to the tyrants will. The comments are at the bottom of the article at Ammoland.

Witold Pilecki says:
July 20, 2016 at 10:53 AM

Some three word responses to these, all previous, and all future infringements;


Clark Kent says:
July 20, 2016 at 6:27 PM

Witold P: You forgot the last one: GO TO PRISON. Don’t ‘talk tough’ unless you are ready and willing to do the time….


Witold Pilecki says:
July 20, 2016 at 9:52 PM

Sorry CK. I prefer to DIE standing, exercising my God -given rights to defend my castle, as a FREE MAN…..I guarantee I won’t be doing any “time”. You may want to look up who the real Witold Pilecki was, and learn something from a very inspiring man. Whereas Clark Kent was the “mild-mannered” alter ego of Superman.

You on the other hand, feel free to live on your knees as a slave. Or a troll. Whatever suits you best as someone that is happy with whatever crumbs of Freedom tyrants will let you have.


Clark Kent says:
July 20, 2016 at 11:51 PM

‘I guarantee I won’t be doing any time’. Famous last words. Stick to predicting lottery numbers, amigo, you will have better luck.


Like the post title says "...some men, you just can't reach." This poor fellow is more frightened of the law and possible prison, than living under tyranny. He is happy to do what he is told (although I doubt he is even a firearms owner), and obviously was never taught about true Freedom and Liberty. He has no clue what is really going on, and how the Armed Civil disobedience is really working, and holding the tyrants from sending the jack-booted goons to anyone's house. I deleted my subscription to the post comments so I don't have to hear any more from this idiot.

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