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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Looking Hard To Find Racism

I know that people aren't on Twitter for any number of reasons, and I can respect that. But sometimes, stuff out there is SO stupid, I will post about it here.

This evening, this post came across from The Connecticut Herald:

So, the elevators are designated by color. Big Deal! There is probably a red, blue, and green elevators too if I had to guess. Here is my reply tweet:

Think about it: white folks can't use it to make a sandwich or toast. White cars, not for sale to black people. The "White Sale" at the local department store.....RACIST! Painting your house white? You might as well make your house number "KKK" and burn a cross on the lawn every Friday night.

1 comment:

  1. White lines on the highway. . . . blacks can't kkkross. . . I mean, cross the road.
    White pages in a dead-tree book. (But that's offset by the BLACK printing. . . that is, if you can get any of the ignorant ones to open a book in the first place).

    Always willing, ready and able to "stir the pot".
    B Woodman