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This blog is dedicated to the Life and Service of Captain Witold Pilecki - May 13, 1901 to May 25, 1948

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lack of Posts

We have been enjoying a great stretch of summer weather here in the PSRK. Therefore, my wife and I, being the outdoors type of folks, have been spending a lot of time, especially on the weekends out and about. Today, we spent the most of the day at our favorite spring-fed clear water lake with our good friends in our kayaks. Paddling, fishing, swimming, and using a small charcoal grill set up on one of the islands, we had a feast of brats and sausage, and washed it down with Sam Adams (a good Patriot beer). It was nice to get away from the computer, TV, and politics to a nice quiet place for a good time.

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  1. Enjoy your time with friends, family, and loved ones, as much as you can. Don't worry about us. It's summer, we're busy, too. We'll be here when you come back.

    B Woodman