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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How To Create an "Assault Weapon" Out of Thin Air

In less than 5 minutes, using simple hand tools (a flat blade screwdriver, pin punch, and a hammer), you can turn this......

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, with 5 and 10 round magazines

........into this! A super deadly machine gun made specifically for the battlefield that shoots 100,000 rounds per minute the entire time while you hold the trigger down, because the clips hold an infinite number of cop-killer bullets.[sarcasm off]
The very same Ruger Mini-14, with added SCARY parts

In reality, all that was added was an Tapco AR style collapsible stock with integrated quad rail, pinned on flash suppressor, vertical forward grip, and a Ruger factory 30 round magazine. No internal parts were added, deleted, or changed. The entire trigger and receiver group drop right in. No select fire switch or sear, so still semi-automatic operation. All these were cosmetic parts and accessories, designed to make the firearm more controllable and a much more stable firing platform. According to the libtard gun-grabbers, this is now the preferred weapon of deranged killers to use at a mall, theater, convention center, gay bar, airport, or the local elementary school like Sandy Hook. I say it is a "Freedom Rifle" that should be kept at the ready for tyrants.

Using the same law that creates an "assault weapon" out of thin air, also makes one that did once exist, DISAPPEAR!

Assault rifle? What assault rifle?

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