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This blog is dedicated to the Life and Service of Captain Witold Pilecki - May 13, 1901 to May 25, 1948

Monday, July 11, 2016

Finally...The Captain's Manifesto

In a post dated April 22nd (which also happened to be Pagan Dirt Worship Day) I promised to post up something called The Captain's Manifesto. Well, it isn't finished but it is off to a good start, and should give everyone some insight into what I think. It will be a permanent link and near the top of the list for the Web Links panel. Feel free to read it and comment, either on the post or by the email link.

Twitter is turning out to be a huge exposure for me, the blog, and a way to poke a stick in the eye of certain people I despise. Since I do not use my real name (like the famous folks that seem to regularly get in trouble for offensive tweets) it is a long stick. I do not retract ANYTHING I post, and am still hoping to receive some hate for my beliefs. It will be the measure of my effectiveness.

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