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Friday, July 15, 2016

Another Foray Into a GFDZ (Gun Free Death Zone)

In order to maintain my anonymity, I will have to be kind of vague in this post.

I had to spend a good chunk of today at one of the PSRK's community colleges. Even though the school is pretty much shut down for the summer, there is still quite a bit of activity there. For the amount of time I had to spend on site, there was no way in hell I was going to be unarmed. Once again, disregarding the GFDZ designation and my company's "no weapons" policy, I was armed. Being a warm summer day I wore cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and my Teva sandals. I was pretty lightly dressed since I did this "visit" during work hours, but didn't have to visit any customers today. Therefore, my Ruger LCP with extended magazine was tucked in my right front shorts pocket, riding in a DeSantis Gunhide holster. The spare extended mag in a mag carrier in my left flap pocket. When carrying that compliment, it is all but invisible, and very secure. I was there approximately 5 hours, and there were thankfully, no incidents to report.

The police at the PSRK community colleges have recently been authorized by the PSRK General Assembly to carry sidearms. Most of (if not all) the other colleges in the state have moved away from "Campus Safety Officers" (unarmed security guards), to "Campus Police" with full police powers, tools, and tactics. For some unknown reason, the Hoplophobes in the PSRK were against allowing it at the community colleges, saying the usual "no guns in our school" even though they would be carried by police officers. I passed the Campus Police dispatch desk and stopped to have a conversation with the officer on duty. He told me they were not armed yet, but are going through the processes and should all be armed for the start of the fall session. I told him I was pleased to hear that, and that they had my full support, especially in this day and age. He agreed. It felt kind of strange, me knowing that I was armed and would, if the need arose, attempt to put a stop to any incident in my immediate vicinity, while at that same time, all he could do was call for the local PD backup.

Oh, by the way......that officer at the dispatch desk.....he was black....not that it means anything. Just a fact.

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