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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Breakfast Post 7-31-16

The wife and I are preparing for a cross-country visit to The Free States of America, towing a camper so we can take the dogs with us. The price to take care of three dogs for the length of time we will be gone would come to about $3000. It is costing half that to rent our friend's camper, and not having to pay air fare (dealing with the dreaded TSA), rental cars and hotels is a big win. More work for sure with the camper, but more money to spend doing things. The best part is the dogs will be with us and properly cared for. Also, they are my alarm system. I will be taking a .357 Magnum revolver with me, since once I get out of NY (only 79 miles across on I-84) I am home free. All of the states we will be going to either honor my PSRK permit, or are Constitutional Carry. I do not see a problem in NY since the gun will be locked away for the duration, and we will not be stopping. We will not spend one penny of vacation money in the PSRK or NY. I usually have enough gas to make it to PA for my first fuel stop.

So where are we headed? Well, believe it or not at our age we are big kids and LOVE amusement parks. We have been to countless amusement and water parks all over the country in our 35 years together. So, the first stop is the premier roller coaster park in the US....Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. With 18 roller coasters to ride, we will get a 2-Day pass and have a blast. We are staying right at their campground, so the dogs will be attended to when we go back for lunch and dinner each day. We have been to Cedar Point before (back in 2006) and have been wanting to go back. From there, an overnight in Rochester, MN and then onto the Black Hills and Bad Lands of South Dakota to see MT. Rushmore and all the other sites. Next to Yellowstone for a few days, then up to Glacier National Park. A visit with relatives in Montana, and then we begin our long trek home with no plans or reservations. Just driving along, seeing interesting items of Americana and stopping when we get tired.

As I am writing this, The TV is on, tuned to the CBS Sunday Morning show, where they are re-running their program about guns in America. While they say they are trying to be impartial, the slant of the stories tries to make gun owners look foolish for wanting to own such dangerous things. Of course, they are running it post Democrap convention for Killary.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Twitter's Liberal Leaning; No Surprise There

I do not follow the Whore of Satan, but Twitter crams certain tweets at your account anyway. So you send me crap I don't want, I shall whack right back at it.

There have been instances lately of right leaning Twitter users getting kicked off permanently for the content of their tweets, supposedly for violating Twitter's rules and standards. I have seen some of them, and they were pretty tame, but the content was definitely to the right. However, the wacky liberals post some of the most vile, hateful, racist, and in some cases promoting violence tweets you'd ever read, and don't even get a temporary suspension. There was an exchange between such a wacko and the lovely Dana Loesch, where this idiot was threatening her and her children with violence. But I guess that's OK because she is a conservative gun owner.

Therefore, I decided to see how long this kind of stuff can go on without The Captain getting spanked.

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Terrorists Hunting Ground

I had to go up to Boston today to meet with a customer. As usual, if I do not need to bring equipment and tools with me, I leave the company car at the Riverside MBTA station in West Newton, MA and take the Greenline "D" Train into the city. Although it takes more time to get in and out of the city, my boss likes not having to pay $45-$60 for parking. Any time over 2 hours and they whack you for parking the entire day. Instead, parking and round trip train fare costs $11.30. I boarded around 08:30 and thought sure I had missed rush hour. Apparently not.

The train picked up passengers at every stop before Kenmore station , where 3 out of the 4 Greenline trains merge onto one track. Being summer time, I knew the sights (meaning beautiful females in warm weather attire) were going to be great, because I got a sample while eating breakfast in my car in the parking lot. DOH! The first female that got on and sat in my field of view was an overweight, unattractive lesbian. I make these assumptions from my observations, based on 40+ years of people watching. The confirmation came in the form of the rainbow decal on the back of her phone. Nothing against fat chicks or lesbians, but come on....did you look in the mirror at least before you ventured out? Lucky for me, as we made our way to the city, the babes started getting on and off, and I could ignore her until she got off at Fenway. As the train started filling up, the buffer seats between passengers already seated had to be used. As it turns out, the one next to me was the last one in my car. A gorgeous 20 (if that) year old Asian girl decided I was harmless enough to take it. As she went to sit down, the train moved forward, and lucky me....she landed in my lap. She was embarrassed and apologized profusely, but I must have had a big stupid grin on my face as I said, "uh, no problem." She remained in that seat the whole time, still glued to her phone when I disembarked at Boylston Street on the Boston Common.

Which brings me to the point of this post. There were probably four people on the entire train, besides myself, that did not have their face buried in a book, newspaper, cell phone or was sleeping. Many of them were wearing earbuds or even full ear covering headphones. I could have stood up with an ice pick in each hand, and walked the length of the train killing just about everyone two at a time. Who would see me or hear any screams? Everyone on the train would be dead and I could just walk off at the next stop. The lack of situational awareness of people is stunning. While at the station, I look up and down the platform, scanning people and the area. While on the platform, my back is to the wall so no one can get behind me for an assault or to push me onto the tracks. I stand at the ticket kiosk at a 45 degree angle so no one sneaks up behind. The whole time I am on an MBTA train, I am awake and looking around. I try to sit or stand at the end of the car, so I can see the whole length. The actions I may need to take would depend on the situation, but I try to formulate plans for different scenarios. At this point, my only defensive weapon is a blade, but it also has a web cutter and a window punch in case the train wrecks and the doors won't open. Eventually I am going to begin disregarding state lines and carry up there as well.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lack of Posts

We have been enjoying a great stretch of summer weather here in the PSRK. Therefore, my wife and I, being the outdoors type of folks, have been spending a lot of time, especially on the weekends out and about. Today, we spent the most of the day at our favorite spring-fed clear water lake with our good friends in our kayaks. Paddling, fishing, swimming, and using a small charcoal grill set up on one of the islands, we had a feast of brats and sausage, and washed it down with Sam Adams (a good Patriot beer). It was nice to get away from the computer, TV, and politics to a nice quiet place for a good time.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Their Faces Must Have Melted Off

The Trump Acceptance Speech 7-21-16

My wife and I watched most of it last night, but since we had to work today we shut the TV off and went to bed a little after 11. Here is my take on it.

First let me say this; Trump was not my guy, Senator Ted Cruz was. After Senator Cruz's failure to acquire enough delegates and then not endorse Donald Trump at the convention; well, I must say I am deeply disappointed in Senator Cruz. I hope he can get re-elected in Texas to continue to be an effective US Senator, repair and rebuild the damage to his political capital, and make another run in the future.

When he hit the magic 1237 delegate number, Donald Trump simply became my #NeverHillary vote. After some of his statements about removing most GFDZs, (Gun-Free Death Zones), national reciprocity concerning firearms, and his support of The Second Amendment, he became more than my #NeverHillary vote. Rather than voting against that evil "Whore of Satan", I will be voting for Donald Trump. It will be the first time since 2000 I will be voting for a presidential candidate, rather than just voting against one. For the are my presidential votes since my first in 1980.

1980 = Carter (I was young and stupid, believed the lies about Ronald Reagan starting WW III, and had no real clue about Carter's abysmal record. Please....forgive me.)
1984 = Reagan
1988 = George H.W. Bush (for his war record and the third term of Reagan)
1992 = George H.W. Bush (voting against Slick Willy, but not happy with the "read my lips" lie)
1996 = Dole  (voting against Slick Willy, but liked Dole for his war record)
2000 = George W. Bush (liked W and did not want a third term of Slick Willy or first term of Gore)
2004 = George W. Bush (not happy with W 2nd term, but definitely against the traitor Kerry)
2008 = McCain (against The Jackass, but can't stand the squishy RINO. Held my nose for this one)
2012 = Romney (against The Jackass, but can't stand the squishy RINO. Held my nose for this one)

Now onto the Democraps.....I do not watch the liberal legacy media in any form. But I have to guess that the left has to be in full tilt insanity, and will be for the next few days, culminating in their convention. The Democraps will be in full SJW mode, complaining (which truly amazes me) that more of the damage of the last 8 years needs to occur!

My take away from last night's speech is what needs to be done to repair the damage of the last 8 years, and even going back to the last 50 or so. Trump's speech was totally in their face, and a full indictment of the failings of The Jackass and especially Killary Rotten Clinton. He was saying the things so many of us wished we could have heard loud and clear from the GOP. After all, they were given huge victories in the house in 2010, and again with the senate in 2014, but all we got was squishy nonsense and NO opposition from the likes of Boehner, McConnell, and now Ryan. One of my sayings is "The Democraps want to take the country over the cliff at 100 MPH, and the GOP only wants to do it at 75MPH. No one sees the problem of going over the cliff and hits the brakes!"

God help this country.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Some Men, You Just Can't Reach"

From one of my favorite movies, "Cool Hand Luke" starring Paul Newman and George Kennedy. Now I know Paul was quite the lib, but he was a great actor and a down to earth guy that I met once briefly before his death in 2009. Here is the whole scene:

Luke would never give up trying to escape, and no matter how badly he was treated, he kept it up, totally frustrating The Captain. The Captain thought if he could just convince Luke to accept his incarceration, it would be alright.

Which brings me to today's post. There was an article on Ammoland that talked about the new gun laws in Kommiefornia. In order for them to be enforced fully, it WILL require house to house searches of gun owners and non-gun owners alike to "find" all the now banned, newly classified "assault weapons" and magazines larger than 10 rounds. As you would agree, a total violation of EVERYONE'S 4th and 5th Amendment Rights. In Kommiefornia, AR rifles were perfectly legal, as long as they had a magazine release that required a tool to use. The famous "bullet button." Also, ownership of magazines holding more than ten rounds were legal to own and use, just no more could be made, sold, traded, or otherwise transferred. Those are now felonies, thanks to the stroke of a tyrant's pen. Read the full article here.

I decided to comment on the article, in my usual support of The Armed Civil Disobedience. Below is the little exchange I had with someone who seems more than happy to bend to the tyrants will. The comments are at the bottom of the article at Ammoland.

Witold Pilecki says:
July 20, 2016 at 10:53 AM

Some three word responses to these, all previous, and all future infringements;


Clark Kent says:
July 20, 2016 at 6:27 PM

Witold P: You forgot the last one: GO TO PRISON. Don’t ‘talk tough’ unless you are ready and willing to do the time….


Witold Pilecki says:
July 20, 2016 at 9:52 PM

Sorry CK. I prefer to DIE standing, exercising my God -given rights to defend my castle, as a FREE MAN…..I guarantee I won’t be doing any “time”. You may want to look up who the real Witold Pilecki was, and learn something from a very inspiring man. Whereas Clark Kent was the “mild-mannered” alter ego of Superman.

You on the other hand, feel free to live on your knees as a slave. Or a troll. Whatever suits you best as someone that is happy with whatever crumbs of Freedom tyrants will let you have.


Clark Kent says:
July 20, 2016 at 11:51 PM

‘I guarantee I won’t be doing any time’. Famous last words. Stick to predicting lottery numbers, amigo, you will have better luck.


Like the post title says "...some men, you just can't reach." This poor fellow is more frightened of the law and possible prison, than living under tyranny. He is happy to do what he is told (although I doubt he is even a firearms owner), and obviously was never taught about true Freedom and Liberty. He has no clue what is really going on, and how the Armed Civil disobedience is really working, and holding the tyrants from sending the jack-booted goons to anyone's house. I deleted my subscription to the post comments so I don't have to hear any more from this idiot.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Best Example of "The Double Standard"

From a small newspaper in Michigan, is this letter to the editor. I snagged this off Twitter, so I do not have the date, but I found the name of the newspaper it originally ran in, The Iolco County News Herald. An internet search puts it somewhere between late 2010 and now. It certainly seems recent and topical.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Looking Hard To Find Racism

I know that people aren't on Twitter for any number of reasons, and I can respect that. But sometimes, stuff out there is SO stupid, I will post about it here.

This evening, this post came across from The Connecticut Herald:

So, the elevators are designated by color. Big Deal! There is probably a red, blue, and green elevators too if I had to guess. Here is my reply tweet:

Think about it: white folks can't use it to make a sandwich or toast. White cars, not for sale to black people. The "White Sale" at the local department store.....RACIST! Painting your house white? You might as well make your house number "KKK" and burn a cross on the lawn every Friday night.

Saturday Breakfast Post 7-16-16

Apparently, yesterday's "Day of Rage" that I was sure was going to devolve into "A Night of Riots & Looting", was much ado about nothing.

I for one, am glad. Maybe people are smartening up, and not allowing themselves to be played by the Alinsky-ites.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Another Foray Into a GFDZ (Gun Free Death Zone)

In order to maintain my anonymity, I will have to be kind of vague in this post.

I had to spend a good chunk of today at one of the PSRK's community colleges. Even though the school is pretty much shut down for the summer, there is still quite a bit of activity there. For the amount of time I had to spend on site, there was no way in hell I was going to be unarmed. Once again, disregarding the GFDZ designation and my company's "no weapons" policy, I was armed. Being a warm summer day I wore cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and my Teva sandals. I was pretty lightly dressed since I did this "visit" during work hours, but didn't have to visit any customers today. Therefore, my Ruger LCP with extended magazine was tucked in my right front shorts pocket, riding in a DeSantis Gunhide holster. The spare extended mag in a mag carrier in my left flap pocket. When carrying that compliment, it is all but invisible, and very secure. I was there approximately 5 hours, and there were thankfully, no incidents to report.

The police at the PSRK community colleges have recently been authorized by the PSRK General Assembly to carry sidearms. Most of (if not all) the other colleges in the state have moved away from "Campus Safety Officers" (unarmed security guards), to "Campus Police" with full police powers, tools, and tactics. For some unknown reason, the Hoplophobes in the PSRK were against allowing it at the community colleges, saying the usual "no guns in our school" even though they would be carried by police officers. I passed the Campus Police dispatch desk and stopped to have a conversation with the officer on duty. He told me they were not armed yet, but are going through the processes and should all be armed for the start of the fall session. I told him I was pleased to hear that, and that they had my full support, especially in this day and age. He agreed. It felt kind of strange, me knowing that I was armed and would, if the need arose, attempt to put a stop to any incident in my immediate vicinity, while at that same time, all he could do was call for the local PD backup.

Oh, by the way......that officer at the dispatch desk.....he was black....not that it means anything. Just a fact.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Gotta Get Me One of These!!

For the next time the local inner city indigenous population decides you aren't working hard enough to keep them in their lifestyle, by blocking the interstate.

I hope they make mounting brackets for a Tundra.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Was Right, But I'm Not Pleased

At 09:05 this morning, I posted this tweet on Twitter.

It was a prediction that at the Dallas memorial service for the 5 fallen officers, The Jackass would call for more gun control. Well, I guess I was right....apparently, he used the dog-whistle phrase to "end gun violence", which of course means to get the guns out of the hands of private citizens with more GUN CONTROL!

Will this ASSHOLE ever learn? Can he not just go to a memorial for the purpose of honoring the fallen, without further degrading the office of POTUS? People....we have a big decision to make this November, because this cancer of liberalism has got to be cut out of our country like the malignant tumor it is!

Who Is Killing Who....Really?

There is supposed to be a "National Day of Rage" Friday July 15th. Be prepared and stay out of the cities listed. But be ready in case of spillover or smaller spontaneous protests. After all, their movement should really be called #BlackCriminalsMatter because everyone will probably be out to get their free TVs, liquor, cigarettes, food, etc. when the looting starts.

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Must Read Column

If only the "ruling" elites would think seriously about the path they are headed down. That the majority of the country IS NOT an academic institution to implement your theories, or faculty lounge to dream them up. We are hard-working, Patriotic, peaceable citizens.....for now. column by Kurt Schlichter

The best part of it is the following excerpt:

"Have you elitists ever met normal Americans? Try this little experiment. Jump in your Prius and drive to, say, Oklahoma. Go ahead, Google it – I’ll wait. Then find a bar and go in after work. Look for a guy at a table in boots and jeans and a work shirt enjoying a Coors or some other non-craft, non-pumpkin-infused beer. Then tell him this:

“Hey stupid, you’re dumb because your parents couldn’t send you to college. You’re also dumb for believing in Jesus. You’re a sucker and a baby killer for joining the Army and fighting in Iraq. Plus, you have privilege because your great-great-great-great grandfather came from Glasgow. So I’m going to tell you what to do from now on. I’m your boss and moral superior. You’re going to let any dude dressed like a woman into the bathroom with your daughter. You’re going to turn in your global warming-causing pick-up truck. You’re going to be out of your job when we finish off the oil industry. You’re going to give up your guns. And I don’t care what you say about any of it. You don’t matter. You don’t get a say. Also, you’re racist.”

See how that works out, but check your dental coverage first. Now, think about how that strategy is going to work out in our country as a whole."

Finally...The Captain's Manifesto

In a post dated April 22nd (which also happened to be Pagan Dirt Worship Day) I promised to post up something called The Captain's Manifesto. Well, it isn't finished but it is off to a good start, and should give everyone some insight into what I think. It will be a permanent link and near the top of the list for the Web Links panel. Feel free to read it and comment, either on the post or by the email link.

Twitter is turning out to be a huge exposure for me, the blog, and a way to poke a stick in the eye of certain people I despise. Since I do not use my real name (like the famous folks that seem to regularly get in trouble for offensive tweets) it is a long stick. I do not retract ANYTHING I post, and am still hoping to receive some hate for my beliefs. It will be the measure of my effectiveness.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dallas PD Killings....Get Ready, Here It Comes!

So, this happened in the free state of Texas, where gun ownership of every type is unrestricted. I do not believe that fact contributed to it one bit, regardless of what the anti 2nd Amendment crowd thinks. It is an attitude of war that now exists in the entire country, and make no mistake, it is racially based. Blacks against whites, blacks against cops, etc. the weapons used are incidental. Anyone want to bet against me that all the suspects are black? If people have the perception (as wrong as it may be) that they are the oppressed, then they will fight with WHATEVER means they can. So now, the race-baiter in chief will probably call for martial law and total civilian disarmament. Here me now.....DO NOT PARTICIPATE and MAKE THEM COME AND GET THEM! I still stand by my prediction that the majority of law enforcement and military won't participate, that it will have to be carried out by the plethora of armed federal alphabet agencies. Those people have no clue about illegal orders, and will carry them out because it's their "job". I will have NO TROUBLE eliminating those targets.

Of course, The Jackass, while in another country (the country of my ancestors, Poland), plays his one-note banjo of demanding more gun control. How ironic is that? The place of the Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz, which occurred precisely because the population was disarmed by the Nazi's.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Quick Comment About Killary & The FBI

First, I am totally disappointed in the FBI. I can imagine that the 147 agents that did all the investigative leg work can't be too happy with their leader pissing away all their hard work. Comey is being called to testify before Congress, but I believe he should just be indicted as a co-conspirator instead. Supposedly, there was no criminal intent, just extreme carelessness. To which I ask....if my "extreme carelessness" was to cause the death of another person, do you think for a moment I would not be held criminally liable? If my "extreme carelessness" was to cause pollution on a grand scale, like the EPA turning the Animas River in Colorado bright yellow with toxic chemicals, do you think for a moment I would not be held criminally liable? If my "extreme carelessness" by storing 25 gallons of gasoline in my apartment bathtub, caused the complex to burn down, do you think for a moment I would not be held criminally liable? I could play this game all day long, bottom line that should be glaringly apparent to everyone is set of rules for "them" and another set of rules for us.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How To Create an "Assault Weapon" Out of Thin Air

In less than 5 minutes, using simple hand tools (a flat blade screwdriver, pin punch, and a hammer), you can turn this......

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, with 5 and 10 round magazines

........into this! A super deadly machine gun made specifically for the battlefield that shoots 100,000 rounds per minute the entire time while you hold the trigger down, because the clips hold an infinite number of cop-killer bullets.[sarcasm off]
The very same Ruger Mini-14, with added SCARY parts

In reality, all that was added was an Tapco AR style collapsible stock with integrated quad rail, pinned on flash suppressor, vertical forward grip, and a Ruger factory 30 round magazine. No internal parts were added, deleted, or changed. The entire trigger and receiver group drop right in. No select fire switch or sear, so still semi-automatic operation. All these were cosmetic parts and accessories, designed to make the firearm more controllable and a much more stable firing platform. According to the libtard gun-grabbers, this is now the preferred weapon of deranged killers to use at a mall, theater, convention center, gay bar, airport, or the local elementary school like Sandy Hook. I say it is a "Freedom Rifle" that should be kept at the ready for tyrants.

Using the same law that creates an "assault weapon" out of thin air, also makes one that did once exist, DISAPPEAR!

Assault rifle? What assault rifle?

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Captain on Twitter

So, I have been on Twitter since the 28th. I did not realize how complex it is as the first few times I tweeted, I had to delete them because they were misdirected. I am getting better, and slowly gaining followers. There is a lot to Twitter that I probably won't get involved in, like the commercial aspect, just like with the blog. That's not why I am doing it, it is strictly for the two way flow of information, to be used to get this out of control government back under CITIZEN control....where it belongs.

Instead of saying "Happy 4th", I say Happy 240th Anniversary to flipping the bird to a tyrant. King George III thought the Declaration of Independence was just another annoying complaint letter from the colonies to be ignored. That sounds eerily similar to the way The Armed Civil Disobedience is ignored by the tyrants on our own soil. I hope someone on the other side will realize the similarities and smarten up.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The PSRK; Always Finding New Ways To Empty YOUR Wallet!

As gas prices stay relatively low, and fuel efficiency goes up, states like the PSRK that rely heavily on fuel taxes are hurting. Especially when the PSRK came up with the wholesale gas tax which is price dependent. Of course, fuel taxes have not been dedicated to repairing and expanding the crumbling infrastructure for decades, it just all gets dumped into the general fund to help pay for the entitlement giveaways. You know, the giant money-laundering scheme that keeps the single party rule in power in this bluest of blue states.

So, here is their new scheme:
Lawmakers Run Down A "Mileage Tax"
Source: CT Post 6-27-16 by Bill Cummings

Apparently a group called the "I-95 Corridor Coalition" has been commissioned and received funding to study the feasibility of a mileage based tax. Uh....I don't think so! There are many problems with this type of tax, and I'm sure I really don't need to list them here, because my readers are intelligent enough to think of them on their own. I mean really, how would they not be taxing me for road use of a motor fuel I put in my lawnmower? Or conversely, if I don't pay the mileage tax at the pump, then who's to say the ten 5-gallon jerry cans of unleaded I just filled isn't for my lawn equipment? Are they going to replace the gas tax with this? Please....we're still paying a portion of the tax that was levied to pay for The Spanish-American War on all of our telephone bills.

I have a better idea for the PSRK state government.....YOU LISTENING IN HARTFORD??? Follow The Constitution at both the state and federal level. Provide only those services most reasonable people would expect. If you do, your spending problem will automatically resolve itself, and's a big one.....those savings could get passed on to us lowly taxpayers.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The "Handshake" of A Wimp

One way to tell the person you are meeting is a total puss, not a leader, or even a real man, is by their handshake.

Awkward 3-Way Handshake
Source: ABC News

I went to trade school, back in the day when very few girls attended, by their choice. Females were NOT excluded. So it was a very male dominated curriculum, in which the girls that graduated from it did at the same standards. Employers (car dealers, home builders, industry, etc.) were practically lined up at graduation looking for new hires. Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and Hamilton Standard being two of the biggest. I got hired a couple of months into my senior year in my trade, part time after school and on weekends. It was the best high school education ever, and in senior year I was making money and had my OWN car.

Part of what we were taught in our senior year, was how to write resume's, interview for jobs, public speaking, and meeting people. We spent time learning how to meet and interact with strangers. Learn their name, and properly shake their hand. Eye contact with the individual, arm extended at your belly, elbow at a 90 degree, then thrust slightly forward, hand open and thumb up, and using your peripheral vision for final alignment, interlock your hand at the thumb web. You grasp firmly, and give 2 or 3 pumps, and then release. We practiced it until we were all like seasoned business men, making big deals daily. Of course, you must make adjustments for the ladies, because you still want to shake hands like a man, but not hurt them. You only meet and shake one person's hand at a time. I do know a woman, who's a pretty tough broad and quite fetching for her age. When you meet her, you'd better be prepared for her handshake, or you're gonna need an ice pack for that hand. Her husband just steps back and laughs. They are good people.

Which brings us to that display in the video of The Jackass. Here is someone coddled all his life by academics and other limp-wristed ne'er do wells. Never holding a real job, owning his own business or making a payroll. Never had to interview for anything. Never made anything with his hands, and if he ever developed a callous, it would probably mean a tearful ambulance ride to the closest ER.

Say what you will about Trump, but I bet when you shake his hand, you know you just met a man.