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Monday, June 27, 2016

Yet Another PSRK Summer Tradition Falls To The Budget

If you live in the PSRK, then you have probably heard by now, River Fest 2016 has been cancelled. This annual Independence Day celebration along the PSRK River is an all day family oriented event in Hartford and East Hartford. Food, music, entertainment, and the big draw....a fantastic fireworks show at dark. This event is attended by thousands free of charge, and free shuttle bus service is provided in and out of the area. The last time we went was in the mid 90's when my daughter was still young, but we got in and out easily and had a great time. The organizers fund raise all year long to pay for the whole event.....except for law enforcement. And there's the problem. No state police officers available, and state cuts to cities and towns mean no money for municipal law enforcement extra duty officers.

What better way for the ruling elite in Hartford to shit on the citizens, than to cancel one of the premier Independence Day fireworks celebrations, and in turn, shitting on the ideals The Declaration brought forth.

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