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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump Hits a Nerve and The Jackass Goes Unhinged!

Here is a link to the petulant man-child going all schoolyard on Trump. What a pathetic weak little man. I hope Trump keeps taking it to the administration, because even though he is running against Killery in the general election, he is running against the third term of The Jackass.

I tried to get the video to skip ahead, but the link doesn't seem to allow it. Skip all of the bullshit and move to 12:18 in the video where he goes all crybaby.

Why do we call them Radical Islamists? Because as everyone else seems to know, in order to destroy your enemy, you must first IDENTIFY your enemy.

Actually, there are three types of Muslims. 1). The sharia obedient, murdering jihadis, 2). Those that sympathize with and support Type 1, and 3). those that are silent about Type 1 & 2. There needs to be a Type 4.....Muslims that will speak up or take up arms against the Type 1 & 2. Then, the Type 3's might become emboldened and become Type 4's.

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  1. Another reason to "Name Your Enemy" (no matter who it is), is to take control of the discussion, to control the language of the discussion.
    For too long the DildoCrats and their Libtard sycophantic brown-nose enablers have controlled the national discussion and language; "liberals", "progressives", and other similar adjectives that put them in a sympathetic positive light.
    Take back the language, and you take back the discussion. Which, for all his boorishness and bull-in-a-china-shop, Trump has done quite well in doing just that. And he has gladdened the hearts and souls of millions of frustrated American citizens.

    B Woodman