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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Petulant Children in The House

After the actions of the PSRK's two senators last week (who shall remain nameless), it is the turn of the five IDIOTS that make up the US House of Representatives to call for TOTAL CIVILIAN DISARMAMENT.


Then there's this, from good ole Charlie Rangel (D) Harlem, NY. More "guns for me but not for thee" ideology.

Interview From The Daily Caller

So here are the photos of the five PSRK traitors in the house. I'll let you look up their addresses in case you care to have a "one on one"

John B. Larson (D) 1st Congressional District

Joe Courtney (D) 2nd Congressional District

Rosa DeLauro (D) 3rd Congressional District

She is the original "Angry Bird" that the on-line game must be based on.

Jim Himes (D) 4th Congressional District

Elizabeth Esty (D) 5th Congressional District

Some things I have noticed and wish to point out. First, the PSRK used to have six congressional districts. As we all know, the number of house districts is based on population. Since one of the original state traitors (Weicker) rammed the state income tax up our asses, the PSRK has been steadily losing population, therefore costing us a seat in the house. The entire congressional delegation have a (D) next to their name, and with maybe the exception of Traitor Himes (who appears to be a rather handsome man) they are one UGLY bunch of miscreants. Remember when our Mom's used to say "your face is going to freeze like that" when we made faces or had a sour puss? Well, I guess Mom was right, because these people are always pissed off and their faces are stuck in that way. I bet I could "turn that frown upside down" with a day at the range!

They are so busy trying to strip away an enumerated right in the original Bill of Rights, yet they call things NEVER meant to be a right.....A RIGHT!

One final thought that demonstrates their moral equivalence reasoning for TOTAL CIVILIAN DISARMAMENT;

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