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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday Morning Breakfast Post: Seasonal Ammo Change

It is a well known fact that a shotgun is the best weapon for protecting your home. However, it you're like me and don't live in my dream house (which is a large, one-story, open floor plan ranch house) then a normal shotgun (mine is a Mossberg 500 Persuader) is too unwieldy. Unless, of course, you have an ATF tax stamp for a short-barrel shotgun. So my solution is pictured below:

A Smith & Wesson Governor. I love guns that shoot multiple calibers (The Governor shoots .45ACP with moon clips, .45 Schofield, .45 Long Colt, and 2 1/2" .410 shotshells). Pictured here is ready for bedtime, loaded with .410 shotshells, a Surefire Defender II flashlight, and a full moon clip of .45ACP in case I need a quick reload. When the post Sandy Hook unconstitutional/intolerable acts were passed, I could no longer use my Glock 21 with 13 round mags (unless I wanted to be "compliant" with the tyrants). I would much rather continue to DEFY-DECEIVE-EVADE-RESIST-SMUGGLE-DEFEND by keeping my contraband safe and secure until really needed. That Glock load gave me 14 rounds with 14 projectiles at my disposal. So now, to compensate, I have six rounds with MANY more projectiles at the ready. During the colder weather season, when bad guys are wearing heavier clothing, I use higher velocity ammo, but with fewer projectiles. I alternate between Hornady Critical Defense (one .41 caliber hollow point followed by two .35 caliber balls) and Winchester 000 buck (three .35 caliber balls @ 1300fps). The cylinder is set for the Hornady out the pipe first. Eighteen total projectiles in six shots, one pull of the trigger center mass should be all I need per bad guy.

The seasonal ammo change I referred to means I change to Winchester PDX-1 and Federal 000 Buck. Bad guys will be wearing lighter clothing, so I can go with more projectiles at lower velocity. The PDX-1 is an evil little round that will f@#k you up; three .41" diameter copper discs followed by twelve BB's. The cylinder is set so this exits the muzzle first.

For follow up, the Federal 000 Buck. Four .35 caliber balls @ 850 fps. Apparently there is a newer version that has 1200 fps, but I have these for now. [CORRECTION: what I saw on-line were older ads showing 1200 fps. The reason was the velocity was measured from a standard shotgun barrel, not from a handgun such as a Governor or Judge. Since most people use these rounds for self-defense in handguns, the velocity rating was adjusted on the carton.]

That gives me a total of 57 projectiles with the initial six shots, and I still have the moon clip reload on the pinky finger of my left hand holding the flashlight. If I ever have to dispose of a bad guy, the M.E. will be cleaning up the mess with a mop and bucket.

Emperor Dannel I and his hoplophobic minions can suck it.

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  1. Is that S&W Governor (ironic name for a gun in CT) smooth bore or rifled barrel? Makes a difference when firing shot vs bullets.

    B Woodman