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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Morning Breakfast Post: Update on Shew vs Malloy

From The Connecticut Citizens Defense League; an update on the potential SCOTUS case. There are links to download the petitions from both sides in .pdf format. The PSRK side is pretty nauseating to read, as it tells me how little regard for what the state and federal constitutions say and stand for. They have no problem trampling on our God given rights at taxpayer expense using sophistry and weak arguments. The CCDL side pretty much sites facts and the Heller case, and the inconsistencies the unconstitutional/intolerable acts pose against "settled law." (The libtards favorite saying about SCOTUS rulings THEY agree with.)

Update on Potential Supreme Court Case

Some people may simply disregard me as a tri-corner hat wearing nut when I talk about the treason these traitors have perpetrated on the citizens and Patriots of the PSRK, and my desire to see them all hang (or worse). But make no mistake....between the economic destruction, stripping of freedom and liberty, corruption in government, voter fraud, etc. it is building to a list similar to the kind listed against King George III in The Declaration of Independence. I don't believe it's going to take a whole lot more to wind up with the same end result.

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