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Friday, June 17, 2016

Random Thoughts While Driving

I had to go to a customer site this morning, and had some mindless windshield time on the Mass Pike westbound. I began to wonder.....why am I the way I am? I am hardcore conservative/libertarian, where right is right and wrong is wrong. To me things are black and shades of gray or nuances. But I wasn't always this way.

When I was a kid, my parents and grandparents were apolitical. I never heard anything about voting or elections from my grandparents. My parents told me they were registered "unaffiliated", and were also tight-lipped about elections. I remember asking my parents who they voted for, but they always refused to discuss it.

I voted in my first election at age 18 in 1980. I bought into the media's portrayal of Ronald Reagan as a war monger that wouldn't hesitate to push the nuclear button. Not really knowing or understanding the peanut farmer's dismal record, I cast my vote for Carter. For that bit of youthful stupidity, I apologize profusely. In 1984, I can assure you I did not make that same mistake.

I have a friend that I have known since 4th grade. All through the eighties, he tried to school me on how liberalism was destroying America. I refused to listen, and remember telling him "who cares, it doesn't matter, they're going to do what they're going to do." I remember being pissed at what stuff was costing as I worked hard for what I earned, but I all I could do was bitch. Or so I thought.

During the Gulf War in 1991, I would listen to the pentagon briefings around noon each day. It was either Schwartzkopf or Powell talking about the success of the sorties and such. One day, when the briefing was over, I hadn't changed the channel and this talk radio program came on. It didn't sound like anything I ever heard before. This guy was loud and brash, not quiet and subdued. As you've probably guessed, it was indeed Rush Limbaugh. Funny thing is, he was saying things I was already thinking, but couldn't really articulate. He didn't tell me what to think, he helped me put into words and coherent thoughts my own ideas about things. I have been listening ever since.

I listen to Conservative talk radio all day long when I can. Either "Sound Off Connecticut" with Jim Vicevich or Glenn Beck from 9 to 12. Rush from 12-3. Sean Hannity from 3 to 6, and finally "The Great One" Mark Levin from 6 to 9. They all pretty much say what I am thinking and agree with me, which makes them all pretty smart I guess.

Only the libtards are "mind-numbed robots" that need talking points or marching orders.

Another thought from the road....I have been seeing a lot, and I do mean a lot, of military convoys lately. Now, I don't believe there is some kind of secret in-country military build up. We used to see these convoys all the time, but with two war fronts from 2001 to about 2012, most of that gear was in the rock pile or the sandbox. Now the equipment and troops are here, and since it's summertime, the National Guard and Reserve troops are heading for their two week Summer Camps. I can't get used to those commie looking transport trucks. Gimme an old deuce-and-a-half or a 5 ton any day. At least the silhouette is more distinguishable. I learned to drive a deuce the old school way. My instructor was this bear of a man....SFC Bill Constant. Billy was one of those guys in my reserve unit that was a Viet Nam vet serving out his time to 20 year retirement. I had never double-clutched a standard before, but he taught me well. Every time I ground the gears, got stuck in "Georgia Overdrive", or jack-knifed my trailer, I got punched.....HARD! He turned my right arm into tenderized meat, but I learned. I never got mad at him or held a grudge, because that was just his way. He was a great guy and one of those that I served with that I miss to this day.

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