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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Now I Touched a Nerve

I have been a member of The Connecticut Citizen's Defense League for several years and agree with their positions. Unfortunately, on the comments section of this post, my words were a little to strong for their moderator. Or, they may disagree with my message, which would be too bad. Therefore, I will post my comment where it can't be deleted.....ON MY BLOG!!!

My deleted comment:

Aw…isn’t that cute! In the bluest of blue states, contacting your elected representatives, as if they really give a shit to what we think. All they want is their positions and their power, and the cities of Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury, and New London full of “entitlement” takers are more than happy to keep Santa Claus in office. No one needs rights if you just let the government take care of everything in your life. It is those of us that produce and work hard every day that pay the price, both with our personal treasure and our liberties.

No…there is only one way to stop this further erosion of our God-given rights, and the first step is already in progress and growing, The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance. Obviously, the elected morons of this state are either blind or ignorant to the fact of 85% non-compliance of their last round of infringements. I have personally been non-compliant since the first round in 1994, when I knew from the start that giving in to the tyrants was wrong. In the 2013 version, I am even more so. If the feds want to try their version 2.0, I will not comply with them either. After all, once you become a felon by the stroke of a tyrant’s pen instead of criminal actions, more “paper” felonies simply don’t matter.

As I always say, this is the first step of push back by citizen Patriots. The tyrants, who at some point will have to “do something” (as they always do) will surely bring violence upon those of us that resist. And like the redcoats at Concord, they will fire first. Once they do, Patriots from across this nation will unleash hell on these bastards not seen on American soil since 1863. Will it start in Kommiecticut? New York? Maybe even Kalifornia! The plan is simple: If they EVER come for our guns in an armed confiscation attempt….WE WILL KILL THEM! And then we come for their leaders….because we HAVE THE LIST.

The underground gun economy is alive and well here. Firearms and ammo is sold and traded WITHOUT state permission or sales tax. Smuggling operations from The Free States of America continue unabated. I believe the state really has no idea what they have created, that they have lost track of many more firearms than they could ever imagine.

I urge my fellow Patriots to join us by doing the following six steps:


For more info, visit Thoughts From Behind Enemy Lines:

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