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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Favorite Driving Game With a New Twist

I love those big lighted signs on the side of the road that show your speed. As soon as I see them (and it's not an active construction zone or the po-po is on duty) I romp on the accelerator and try to see how fast I can make it read. This morning I had to go to a customer site in Mystic. They had one facing both directions on RT. 32 in front of PSRK College in New London. They have it there because it is a divided highway, but the speed limit is 40 MPH, and it is very easy to hit 60 MPH+ on that road. Well, I had a clear shot at it, but here's the new twist.....It only read as high as 55 MPH and then went to alternating red and blue to simulate the lights on a po-po cruiser. How much fun was that!

OK...OK....I get it, that's not what your supposed to do with those. But I never drive the speed limit anyway. I have always felt that speed limits were a guideline to keep the morons who don't know how to drive from killing themselves. I drive the speed I am comfortable with, based on the vehicle, road, and weather conditions, and my speed is usually not obscenely high. I save that for I-84 on a sunny, non-holiday, Sunday afternoon on a straight away with little traffic. That's where I wound my bike up to 150 on the speedo back in 1997. Was I actually doing 150 MPH? Probably not, but I was surely going fast enough to make it absolutely thrilling. I'm not sure I would ever do that again.

As an aside: I have been asked by one of my regular readers (who comments frequently) why no one else posts comments? Well, I don't know. Either I am not controversial enough to piss off the libtards, or their mommies have restricted their computer access until they clean their rooms. I guess everyone that reads this blog happens to be like minded people, that think I hit my points so directly, that they don't feel the need to comment. I probably need some more exposure, so that I can receive death threats as well as hateful comments, of which as long as they don't reference other people I will post for the entertainment value.

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  1. Not going to get any death threats from me, unless you go Hard Left Full Libtard Retard (GASP!! DID I JUST SAY THAT??!! OH NOES. . . ).

    Maybe you can put up a Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down indicator to show people's opinions of your postings, without them having to actually say something. And give you a count of the numbers of people reading your site. Just my 2 cents worth.

    B Woodman