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Friday, June 17, 2016

Move Along! Nothing To See Here!

As a catalyst to start new calls for more gun controls, the libtards react to a "mass shooting" and instantly, by way of moral equivalence, damn all guns and gun owners as to blame. But what is a mass shooting? By their definition it is 4 or more people killed by firearms in one place at one time. But what if that place, instead of a movie theater, school, shopping mall, or gay bar in Orlando.....was a single city. Like say.....I don't know....CHICAGO! And what if the time frame instead of 20 to 30 minutes, was an average weekend, say the entire 48 hours encompassing Saturday and Sunday. Well then, we would have something like this:

Hey Jackass! Illustrating Chicago Values

But we never saw The Jackass and VP Dumbass hop on a plane to go comfort the families in Chicago, did we? Nope.....not once in 7 1/2 years. Because you see, even in his home town, the people there are not his chosen people. While they seem to kill each other with stupid efficiency, well, they're just criminals killing other criminals, nothing to see there.

We all know the GFDZ is where most of the mass shootings occur, and Chicago is the largest GFDZ in the US. Isn't it time we "do something!" (that's what the libtards always say) DIFFERENT???

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  1. The point that I've been hearing (and internalizing) lately, is, after a mass shooting involving a quroanimal (or quoranderthal, take your pick) (Orlando, San Bernie, Ft Hood), why are all the GUNZ and GUN OWNERS blamed in a quivering Libtard collectivist mass moral equivalency, but the jihadist Islamic "Religion of Pieces" isn't similarly mass morally blamed?

    B Woodman