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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More PSRK Traitors

By request for these next two from the comment section of my The Face of PSRK's Traitors post, more traitors to the state and it's citizens.

Michael "KGB" Lawlor; Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning

What a bureaucratic hack title if we've ever heard one. Here is his official state bio. It was he that the quotes about "the aggressive enforcement" of the post Sandy Hook gun laws are attributed. To this date thankfully, the wannabe tyrants have kept in their place with the status quo.

Next up, the state's top democrap! In his "in your face" Sandy Hook green tie, just in case you need to be reminded why you must have your God-given right infringed upon.
Dannel P. Malloy; Governor  (braaaack! the sound of me puking)

I'll add this next one, who truly lives up to his family surname. This is his normal posture for speaking, looking through the top of his glasses and lecturing you on why you are so stupid for wanting to own such a scary firearm. He also gets into full slobber mode, similar to good old Barney Frank.
State Senator Martin Looney; President Pro Tempore

I think that's enough for now. The complete list is on the side panel of my blog, in "The Captain's Free Library." Feel free to look them up yourself. When we start getting visits at 0300 by jack-booted thugs, they may get visits as well, from pissed off Patriots.

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  1. Yep. Appears to be a "Mexican stalemate" in the PSRC. They can pass all the unConstitutional laws they want, and the citizens (sans serfs) will continue to ignore them (WWNC - We Will Not Comply). So long as the DildoCrats don't attempt to enforce those unConstitutional "laws", the citizens won't shoot thee DildoCrats and their tongue-bathers (enforcers).

    B Woodman