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Monday, June 13, 2016

More on the Orlando Terrorist Attack....PSRK style

I called it, but I'm not proud of the fact. I just know all too well who these morons are.

What I don't know is, which one of the two embarrassments that pass for the PSRK's US Senators made it to a TV camera first, but it doesn't really matter. They are both a one note banjo, and all we hear is, "plink-plink-plink-plink." I believe they have now been joined by the chorus of idiots that make up our five house representatives. Their continued rhetoric should now be insulting to anyone that has an IQ of at least 80. Blaming the ee-vil NRA, the 2nd Amendment, and legal gun ownership for an ISIS inspired terrorist attack.....really? That more gun laws will stop the jihadis from obtaining arms to kill us with......hmmmm??? That didn't work out too well in France now did it? It only made all the victims easy targets.

I preach it repeatedly, but here it is big and bold:

Ignore the "Gun-Free Death Zone" designation. Be ARMED and vigilant at all times. Get your nose out of your phone and look around. Be aware of your surroundings and practice threat assessment.

Know where the exits are, the difference between cover and concealment, and when the use of each is appropriate. Learn Col. Jeff Cooper's four color levels of readiness, which I paraphrased below from memory.

WHITE: Unarmed and unprepared. Maybe you are sleeping. You are totally at the mercy of an attacker. The only thing that will save you is if the attacker is inept or fails.

YELLOW: Relaxed alert. You should always be in this state if you are armed. No specific threats are in your area, but you are aware of your surroundings. Continually scan the area for threats.

ORANGE: On alert. Something is not quite right and has your attention. You may be watching a specific individual or situation. You may also set a mental trigger, as in "If this person does X, I may have to take action." If the situation turns out to be nothing, go back to condition YELLOW. Switch back and forth between YELLOW and ORANGE as necessary.

RED: FIGHT or FLIGHT! You are in immediate danger and must take action to stay alive. That mental trigger you set under condition ORANGE may have been tripped. It would be best to exit the area quickly to stay safe and alive, but if you are trapped, you must fight to the death. Try to eliminate as many bad guys as you can before you can no longer fight.

Of course, in the case of someone shouting "Allahu Akbhar!" feel free to unleash copious amounts of ammo in the general direction.

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  1. And now the FedGov DildoCrats are behaving like children throwing a tantrum, staging a "sit in" and chanting "no bill, no recess", or something like that. Just because the Republitards (in a rare show of sense), won't pass a bill that stops citizens who just happen, without due process, to get their names put on the Terror Watch and/or No Fly lists, from being able to buy gunz.

    I'd LOVE to know how I can put people's names on the No Fly list. Starting with our favorite Libtard Kongress Kritter Klowns. Let THEM have to jump through the secret, no-due-process procedures of attempting to prove innocence over guilt. hehehe

    B Woodman