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Thursday, June 30, 2016

More Firearms Lies Courtesy of The Wa-Po

News flash......gun ownership in America is at a 30 year low!!! Yea!! Gun control is working!

Or is it?

American Gun Ownership Is Now At A 30 Year Low
Source: Washington Post

What I want to know is, how does their polls square with this?

NICS Firearm Checks: Top 10 Highest Days/Weeks
Source: FBI Reports and Statistics

Think about it. Did the firearms from the 1980's and the January 1994 high of 53% ownership claim vanish into thin air? Were they turned in and destroyed in a government confiscation or buy back scheme? Neither. While the NICS checks do not guarantee a firearm purchase actually occurred, they many times signify a multiple firearms purchase. So even at just one for one, added to the existing firearms, the number of firearms in private hands is astronomical.

No, the Wa-Po is simply engaging in left-wing anti-gun propaganda. Private firearms are estimated to be somewhere over 300 million. The problem is, in this day and age, no one will admit to owning firearms, least of which to a perfect stranger on the telephone. It is a violation of PER-SEC to disclose such info to anyone outside your closest circle. So, in order to further an agenda, the Wa-Po conducts a poll that they already know how it will turn out. Since they probably call land-lines, they end up getting senior citizens that either truly have no firearms, or are wise enough to lie. They then use that bogus poll as the basis for a "news" story to further the agenda.

Sean Hannity is right, journalism is truly dead.

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  1. I have no compunctions about, or feel guilt towards telling a lie to a member of the 5th Column (or was that supposed to be 4th Estate?).

    B Woodman