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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mass Shooting in Orlando, FL. Get Ready, Patriots!

Not only is this a mass shooting, supposedly committed with an "ee-vil black assault weapon", the authorities in Florida are calling it a "terrorist act". It took place at the supposedly "hottest gay bar in Orlando". Can anyone also say "hate crime?" I wonder if that bar was a GFDZ? Probably no one was carrying due to the fact they were consuming alcohol at a bar. I know myself, I would rather be carrying than drinking.

Orlando Nightclub Shooting
Source: CNN

Therefore, get ready for the politicization of yet another mass shooting and more assaults on our liberties before the dead are even buried. Gun owners, will be branded by the traitors as mass murdering-terrorist-homophobes using the usual moral equivalence. Let's see if the tyrants in the PSRK will use this to say "registration isn't enough....turn them in!"

In which case we say, "sure, here is all the ammo FIRST!"

UPDATE 6-12-16 18:25 The Jackass has ordered all US flags to half-staff to honor the murder victims in Florida. My flag will stay at full staff, as it usually does when that asshole bastardizes a time honored tradition for a political agenda or statement. Mine is only lowered for a fallen member of the military, police officer or firefighter, or other worthy dignitary or reason spelled out in 4 USC Sec 7(m).  I IGNORE any stupidity perpetrated by The Jackass allowed under 4 USC Sec 10 (which allows a normal president to modify the rules for flying the flag as they choose).

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