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Monday, June 20, 2016

Green Light For The Tyrants

I do not have inside information or a crystal ball, but if ever there was a green light for the tyrants to send their jack-booted thugs to your door at zero-dark-thirty....well this could be it.

CCDL Press Release - SCOTUS Refuses to Hear Challenge

They will go after the "low hanging fruit" first, those that purchased their evil black rifles just prior to the April 6, 2013 deadline, but did not comply with the unconstitutional/intolerable acts and register. I hope they understand what kind of hell will be unleashed on the NY/NE area if they do, and will sit back and continue to do nothing. Some may think folks like me are rabidly panting with excitement for such a thing to happen. I am sure there are a couple of nuts that do, but I can assure you....I do not relish such a venture. Having to live off the land and on the run like Eric Rudolph is not something I would take to doing lightly. But if the SHTF....I WILL.

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