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Thursday, June 30, 2016

More Firearms Lies Courtesy of The Wa-Po

News flash......gun ownership in America is at a 30 year low!!! Yea!! Gun control is working!

Or is it?

American Gun Ownership Is Now At A 30 Year Low
Source: Washington Post

What I want to know is, how does their polls square with this?

NICS Firearm Checks: Top 10 Highest Days/Weeks
Source: FBI Reports and Statistics

Think about it. Did the firearms from the 1980's and the January 1994 high of 53% ownership claim vanish into thin air? Were they turned in and destroyed in a government confiscation or buy back scheme? Neither. While the NICS checks do not guarantee a firearm purchase actually occurred, they many times signify a multiple firearms purchase. So even at just one for one, added to the existing firearms, the number of firearms in private hands is astronomical.

No, the Wa-Po is simply engaging in left-wing anti-gun propaganda. Private firearms are estimated to be somewhere over 300 million. The problem is, in this day and age, no one will admit to owning firearms, least of which to a perfect stranger on the telephone. It is a violation of PER-SEC to disclose such info to anyone outside your closest circle. So, in order to further an agenda, the Wa-Po conducts a poll that they already know how it will turn out. Since they probably call land-lines, they end up getting senior citizens that either truly have no firearms, or are wise enough to lie. They then use that bogus poll as the basis for a "news" story to further the agenda.

Sean Hannity is right, journalism is truly dead.

Balancing The Budget On The Backs of The Deaf

Still not cutting the waste, bloat, or hack jobs. Instead, they offer more of the cuts I have been documenting on my blog.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Interpreters Let Go

The score so far:

  • Cut lifeguards at state park swimming areas
  • Cuts to cities and towns force cancellation of River Fest 2016
  • The Old State House shuttered as off 4PM 6-29-16
  • State deaf interpreters let go
Giveaways to the city dwelling "non-producers" reduced? Nope! Duplicate or useless agencies full of political hacks reduced or eliminated? Nyet! New mandates funded? Nein!

We'll see how long before the state parks are closed, and state trooper staff levels are reduced.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Got Your National Day of Action......RIGHT HERE!!

So apparently, today was some sort of gun control promotion day. What a coincidence, I spent the morning cleaning several handguns from the outing last Saturday. If only they knew!
The happy little gun grabbers, falsely tying the militant gay agenda to gun control

A wider shot of the room full of miscreants.

More PSRK Cuts For The Little People

Gotta keep all the waste, bloat, corruption, and giveaways in the PSRK. But today at 4PM, the Old State House in Hartford will be permanently shuttered. The Old State House is a tourist attraction, museum, and classroom. This was just reported on WTIC AM 1080 during the 09:30 newscast. Once again, they HAVE to make these budget cuts, but everything else has to be off the you know why? Hmmmm? Do you?

Because it's an ELECTION YEAR!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

As was demonstrated yesterday in Turkey, and a couple of months ago in Brussels.....the unsecured areas of an airport (actually any mass transit station) are now a problem. Hundreds of people milling about in an open area, carrying luggage (that could contain anything), with their faces glued to their phones.

LOOK UP PEOPLE! Pay attention to your surroundings. Know where the exits are. If possible be armed, and if armed, be prepared TO STOP AN ATTACK!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Captain Is Now On Twitter

I have been receiving traffic on my blog, curiously, from Twitter. So, after a brief email consult with a like minded Patriot, The Captain is now on Twitter. If you are on as well, and wish to follow my tweets (which will be slow at first), then follow me @witold_pilecki and the first hashtag #thoughtsfrombehindenemylines

Normally, I shun all social media, and Twitter is mostly a sewer full of what sewers are usually full of. But I have also seen recommendations of using social media for purposes of Patriot communications. If it doesn't pan out I will simply delete the account.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Yet Another PSRK Summer Tradition Falls To The Budget

If you live in the PSRK, then you have probably heard by now, River Fest 2016 has been cancelled. This annual Independence Day celebration along the PSRK River is an all day family oriented event in Hartford and East Hartford. Food, music, entertainment, and the big draw....a fantastic fireworks show at dark. This event is attended by thousands free of charge, and free shuttle bus service is provided in and out of the area. The last time we went was in the mid 90's when my daughter was still young, but we got in and out easily and had a great time. The organizers fund raise all year long to pay for the whole event.....except for law enforcement. And there's the problem. No state police officers available, and state cuts to cities and towns mean no money for municipal law enforcement extra duty officers.

What better way for the ruling elite in Hartford to shit on the citizens, than to cancel one of the premier Independence Day fireworks celebrations, and in turn, shitting on the ideals The Declaration brought forth.

Ponder Me This.....

SCOTUS hands down a 5 to 3 decision today against Texas laws making abortion doctors have to have admitting privileges at a local surgical hospital in order to perform abortions (I 'm sure we can all agree that an abortion is an invasive surgery). The pro-abortion crowd screams that these laws are restricting women's right to an abortion. No....they just ensure that the doctor (abortionist) performing the killing of the fetus is qualified, and if something were to go wrong, you could get to the hospital immediately. The main point here is the state was applying regulations to a right that the Warren Court discovered in The Constitution in 1973. Keep that in mind.

Now let's talk the Second Amendment. #2 in the original Bill of Rights from 1791. Pretty clearly states the right of an individual to keep and bear arms WITHOUT infringements. The same applies to many state constitutions as well (especially the PSRK). However, ever since the NFA of 1934, there have been a steady barrage of "infringements" enacted by the federal government and the states. Somehow, SCOTUS can't seem to have the temerity to take up these cases, and when they do, they have major difficulty following the law. It takes much preponderance and debate and discussion to come up with a decision that even if it's somewhat favorable to the 2nd Amendment, it still turns out to be a watered down, gray area that sometimes leaves us with new questions.

So to sum up, thinking like a libtard means:

Roe vs Wade....SCOTUS "finds" a new right in The Constitution, so this case becomes SETTLED LAW WITH NO CHANGES FOREVER! Even bringing a challenge, whether legislatively or legally, should be met with protest and violence in the name of the right to kill babies.

The Second Amendment from the original Bill of Rights from 1791.....Well, we have to carefully consider what the framers truly meant. True, the 27 words are seemingly simple to understand, but you need to get the nuances of what the authors might have meant. The Federalist Papers just muck it up even more. They could never have envisioned the deadly modern weapons of today, after all, they only had flint-lock muskets and swords. We have to get inside the minds of these 200+ year old, slave-owning, dead, white guys, and try to surmise what they would think if they were alive today? We also must consider public safety and good, whether certain weapons should be in the hands of "common people", where, and when. Don't get us started on certain ammunition. In this case, The Constitution should be set aside or ignored if we can save just one life. What, you think you should own a bazooka, tank, fighter jet, or a nuke?

Since the libtards and establishment RINOs are running all three branches of federal government, and many of the states, with a complicit sycophantic media, there is but one altenative:


Just remember; one of the stalwarts of federal gun control and defenders of abortion, the now consumed by worms Ted (hic!) Kennedy (D) Massachusetts, has killed more people with his Oldsmobile, than I have ever killed with a firearm.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

More PSRK Budget Woes For Us Serfs

On tonight's 10 O'clock news, a story just came on about budget cuts forcing cutbacks of life guards at state parks. I mean, you can't really expect a state rife with waste and political cronyism to cut a useless agency, or an important position like, say the 2nd Assistant to The Deputy Commissioner of Policy Analysis and Implementation for Economic Development in Asia.....can you?

No. You must hurt the "little people" who may voice their displeasure at out of control spending. Because we don't understand, it's not a spending problem, it's a revenue problem! Oh, we're just so stupid!

UPDATE 6-27-17 0645: Just now on the PSRK morning news out of Hartford, this report; a four year old child drowned in Burr Pond State Park in Torrington yesterday afternoon. He was swimming in the roped off area with lifeguards present. Lifeguards spotted him in trouble and jumped in to rescue him. He was brought to shore and efforts were made to resuscitate, but the child did not survive.

Do they think on a hot humid day people will not enter swimming areas with NO lifeguards. Again, that will be considered by me more stats for the ever increasing PSRK government sponsored death toll.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

A New Shooting Enthusiast 6-25-16

I took one of my wife's girlfriends shooting at my club range today. It was something SHE wanted to do and this had been in the works for quite a while. Her husband, who had not fired a gun since he was young, was supposed to join us, but ended up going in to work. It actually worked in her favor, because she did most of the shooting.

She had never seen a gun close up, never mind handled or fired one. All she knew about guns and those that owned them was negativity, but she wanted to find out for herself. Since parking at the range can sometimes be limited, I picked her up at the local commuter lot and drove to the range. Because there were people already shooting when we arrived, I made sure she had on her "eyes and ears." We spent the first 45 minutes going over range rules, basic firearms safety, and gun and ammo type, design, and operation.

I had her start with a pair of .22's, first my 1935 vintage S & W K-22 Outdoorsman double action revolver. Now before anyone gets on my case about shooting a valuable antique firearm, my guns are all shooters. Because it is a rather large K-Frame, she was unable to fire on double action, so she stuck with single action. Since she was a beginner, we stuck with the 7 yard target stand. It didn't long before she was on the target, and not too long after that she was doing tight groups on center. Her shooting stance all day was "isosceles," which hurts my bum shoulder, so I use a "modified weaver." I had explained the different holds before we started. After the revolver, we went to my semi-auto Browning Buckmark. After a loading and firing demonstration, it was all hers, and she really enjoyed that one.

Next up was my Dan Wesson Model 15 .357 Magnum double action revolver. Again, a large frame, so only single action. I went first so she could see it operate and the recoil. I had her load it with .38 Specials to start. After 4 loads, she wanted to go full size, with the .357 Magnums. The first shot caused a, "HOLY SHIT!" to come out of her mouth, and then she finished the other 5. All six rounds on the paper, and then another couple of cylinders of magnums. She is really enjoying herself at this point. Next up, my Ruger SR9c in 9mm. The controls are similar to the Buckmark, and the recoil similar to the .38 Specials. I demonstrated how to load the mags with the loader tool, load and fire the gun. Once again, she went at the three fresh targets with no problem. We even had a couple of FTF's that had to be cleared, re-chambered, and re-fired. Only one was a total dud  that I will recover the components from.

OK, no more playing around, time to get serious. Out came the S & W Governor (nicknamed "Thumper"), which  I explained shoots four different calibers; .45ACP, .45 Schofield, .45 Long Colt, and .410 Shotshells. I have pile of full moon clips and a moon clip tool, and showed her how to operate it. She loaded and fired it several times, and I shot a good video of her shooting it. Then I demonstrated a cylinder full of Hornady Critical Defense shotshells. I couldn't believe it when she asked to try one. The recoil from the shotshells is substantial, compared to everything else, but she handled it with no problem.

Since she was now familiar with shooting .45ACP, and how to load and fire a semi-auto pistol, I had her move on to my full-sized Glock 21. The only problem encountered was not holding the pistol solid enough to get all the empties to eject over her right shoulder to the rear. She got dinked in the forehead a couple of times. That pistol usually throws them all in a pile behind me to the right. She still enjoyed it.

The last one up was the smallest, my Ruger LCP. I explained that just because it is the smallest, does not make it the easiest to shoot. The .380 Auto is actually a 9mm Short, and the LCP does not have the mass to grip like the SR9c does. I demonstrated first, but I am able to grip it solidly. She found out what I meant. She was puzzled to what would be appropriate to carry? I explained she needed to go to Hoffman's (with someone she knows, because they don't have a lot of patience for newbies) and try some of the different guns they rent for their "10 for 10" rental program. I further explained about taking concealment into account, as well as lethality and what she could handle comfortably. All in all, we were at the range for 3 1/2 hours. I brought four rifles for her to try at the rifle range, but she had to get going to take care of errands.

This was a truly positive experience, and will pay dividends many times over. She will be telling all her friends, both daughters, and has already posted up the video of her with Thumper on Fakebook. I have done this with two other women (and have one more to go) before they took their NRA Pistol Safety Course. To me it is not wise to spend that much money on the course and have that be your first real exposure to firearms. I told her at the start if she didn't like it or wanted to stop it would be no harm no foul. She's already talking about doing it again, but I told her the first time is on me, after that she has to kick in for ammo (at least with adults, kids I let slide).

UPDATE 6-26-16  0645: I wondered about this post this morning and wanted to add the following. This outing, while certainly a way to introduce someone new to shooting and firearms, it is also my way of undermining the libtards drumbeat of, "GUNS ARE BAD! GUNS ARE BAD!" Operating as a "gray man" in the background, I will continue to do my best to defeat these tyrants right where I am....Behind Enemy Lines!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Petulant Children in The House

After the actions of the PSRK's two senators last week (who shall remain nameless), it is the turn of the five IDIOTS that make up the US House of Representatives to call for TOTAL CIVILIAN DISARMAMENT.


Then there's this, from good ole Charlie Rangel (D) Harlem, NY. More "guns for me but not for thee" ideology.

Interview From The Daily Caller

So here are the photos of the five PSRK traitors in the house. I'll let you look up their addresses in case you care to have a "one on one"

John B. Larson (D) 1st Congressional District

Joe Courtney (D) 2nd Congressional District

Rosa DeLauro (D) 3rd Congressional District

She is the original "Angry Bird" that the on-line game must be based on.

Jim Himes (D) 4th Congressional District

Elizabeth Esty (D) 5th Congressional District

Some things I have noticed and wish to point out. First, the PSRK used to have six congressional districts. As we all know, the number of house districts is based on population. Since one of the original state traitors (Weicker) rammed the state income tax up our asses, the PSRK has been steadily losing population, therefore costing us a seat in the house. The entire congressional delegation have a (D) next to their name, and with maybe the exception of Traitor Himes (who appears to be a rather handsome man) they are one UGLY bunch of miscreants. Remember when our Mom's used to say "your face is going to freeze like that" when we made faces or had a sour puss? Well, I guess Mom was right, because these people are always pissed off and their faces are stuck in that way. I bet I could "turn that frown upside down" with a day at the range!

They are so busy trying to strip away an enumerated right in the original Bill of Rights, yet they call things NEVER meant to be a right.....A RIGHT!

One final thought that demonstrates their moral equivalence reasoning for TOTAL CIVILIAN DISARMAMENT;

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More PSRK Traitors

By request for these next two from the comment section of my The Face of PSRK's Traitors post, more traitors to the state and it's citizens.

Michael "KGB" Lawlor; Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning

What a bureaucratic hack title if we've ever heard one. Here is his official state bio. It was he that the quotes about "the aggressive enforcement" of the post Sandy Hook gun laws are attributed. To this date thankfully, the wannabe tyrants have kept in their place with the status quo.

Next up, the state's top democrap! In his "in your face" Sandy Hook green tie, just in case you need to be reminded why you must have your God-given right infringed upon.
Dannel P. Malloy; Governor  (braaaack! the sound of me puking)

I'll add this next one, who truly lives up to his family surname. This is his normal posture for speaking, looking through the top of his glasses and lecturing you on why you are so stupid for wanting to own such a scary firearm. He also gets into full slobber mode, similar to good old Barney Frank.
State Senator Martin Looney; President Pro Tempore

I think that's enough for now. The complete list is on the side panel of my blog, in "The Captain's Free Library." Feel free to look them up yourself. When we start getting visits at 0300 by jack-booted thugs, they may get visits as well, from pissed off Patriots.

Another Deleted Comment.....

This time from Ammoland. So as usual, I will post my comment here, where I AM THE MODERATOR!

Anti-gun Senator Earns 3 Pinocchio's From The Wa-Po For Gun Control Lies

Here is my comment that they obviously thought too strong or controversial to post:

"Wow…..3 “Pinocchio’s” from the Wa-Po.

He and Senator Slimeball (Blumenthal) have each earned a “10 out of 10” Snug Noose Awards from me."

At this point, even Killary is only at about an 8 of 10 "Snug Noose" awards.

UPDATE 6-28-16 1130: My apologies to Ammoland, as I have discovered they did end up posting my comment. It showed up after the time stamps of comments that were authored well AFTER mine. Maybe someone had a change of heart?

Monday, June 20, 2016

Green Light For The Tyrants

I do not have inside information or a crystal ball, but if ever there was a green light for the tyrants to send their jack-booted thugs to your door at zero-dark-thirty....well this could be it.

CCDL Press Release - SCOTUS Refuses to Hear Challenge

They will go after the "low hanging fruit" first, those that purchased their evil black rifles just prior to the April 6, 2013 deadline, but did not comply with the unconstitutional/intolerable acts and register. I hope they understand what kind of hell will be unleashed on the NY/NE area if they do, and will sit back and continue to do nothing. Some may think folks like me are rabidly panting with excitement for such a thing to happen. I am sure there are a couple of nuts that do, but I can assure you....I do not relish such a venture. Having to live off the land and on the run like Eric Rudolph is not something I would take to doing lightly. But if the SHTF....I WILL.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Father's Day is this Sunday the 19th. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers that read my blog.

This is the first year, that I have had non-family members, both male and female, wishing me Happy Father's Day. The first couple of times caught me off guard, but I think it's kind of a nice tradition. I don't know what's driving it, though.

UPDATE 6-23-16: I have been asked about my offspring. We have just the one daughter, and she is a happily married  adult with no kids or her own, yet.

Random Thoughts While Driving

I had to go to a customer site this morning, and had some mindless windshield time on the Mass Pike westbound. I began to wonder.....why am I the way I am? I am hardcore conservative/libertarian, where right is right and wrong is wrong. To me things are black and shades of gray or nuances. But I wasn't always this way.

When I was a kid, my parents and grandparents were apolitical. I never heard anything about voting or elections from my grandparents. My parents told me they were registered "unaffiliated", and were also tight-lipped about elections. I remember asking my parents who they voted for, but they always refused to discuss it.

I voted in my first election at age 18 in 1980. I bought into the media's portrayal of Ronald Reagan as a war monger that wouldn't hesitate to push the nuclear button. Not really knowing or understanding the peanut farmer's dismal record, I cast my vote for Carter. For that bit of youthful stupidity, I apologize profusely. In 1984, I can assure you I did not make that same mistake.

I have a friend that I have known since 4th grade. All through the eighties, he tried to school me on how liberalism was destroying America. I refused to listen, and remember telling him "who cares, it doesn't matter, they're going to do what they're going to do." I remember being pissed at what stuff was costing as I worked hard for what I earned, but I all I could do was bitch. Or so I thought.

During the Gulf War in 1991, I would listen to the pentagon briefings around noon each day. It was either Schwartzkopf or Powell talking about the success of the sorties and such. One day, when the briefing was over, I hadn't changed the channel and this talk radio program came on. It didn't sound like anything I ever heard before. This guy was loud and brash, not quiet and subdued. As you've probably guessed, it was indeed Rush Limbaugh. Funny thing is, he was saying things I was already thinking, but couldn't really articulate. He didn't tell me what to think, he helped me put into words and coherent thoughts my own ideas about things. I have been listening ever since.

I listen to Conservative talk radio all day long when I can. Either "Sound Off Connecticut" with Jim Vicevich or Glenn Beck from 9 to 12. Rush from 12-3. Sean Hannity from 3 to 6, and finally "The Great One" Mark Levin from 6 to 9. They all pretty much say what I am thinking and agree with me, which makes them all pretty smart I guess.

Only the libtards are "mind-numbed robots" that need talking points or marching orders.

Another thought from the road....I have been seeing a lot, and I do mean a lot, of military convoys lately. Now, I don't believe there is some kind of secret in-country military build up. We used to see these convoys all the time, but with two war fronts from 2001 to about 2012, most of that gear was in the rock pile or the sandbox. Now the equipment and troops are here, and since it's summertime, the National Guard and Reserve troops are heading for their two week Summer Camps. I can't get used to those commie looking transport trucks. Gimme an old deuce-and-a-half or a 5 ton any day. At least the silhouette is more distinguishable. I learned to drive a deuce the old school way. My instructor was this bear of a man....SFC Bill Constant. Billy was one of those guys in my reserve unit that was a Viet Nam vet serving out his time to 20 year retirement. I had never double-clutched a standard before, but he taught me well. Every time I ground the gears, got stuck in "Georgia Overdrive", or jack-knifed my trailer, I got punched.....HARD! He turned my right arm into tenderized meat, but I learned. I never got mad at him or held a grudge, because that was just his way. He was a great guy and one of those that I served with that I miss to this day.

Move Along! Nothing To See Here!

As a catalyst to start new calls for more gun controls, the libtards react to a "mass shooting" and instantly, by way of moral equivalence, damn all guns and gun owners as to blame. But what is a mass shooting? By their definition it is 4 or more people killed by firearms in one place at one time. But what if that place, instead of a movie theater, school, shopping mall, or gay bar in Orlando.....was a single city. Like say.....I don't know....CHICAGO! And what if the time frame instead of 20 to 30 minutes, was an average weekend, say the entire 48 hours encompassing Saturday and Sunday. Well then, we would have something like this:

Hey Jackass! Illustrating Chicago Values

But we never saw The Jackass and VP Dumbass hop on a plane to go comfort the families in Chicago, did we? Nope.....not once in 7 1/2 years. Because you see, even in his home town, the people there are not his chosen people. While they seem to kill each other with stupid efficiency, well, they're just criminals killing other criminals, nothing to see there.

We all know the GFDZ is where most of the mass shootings occur, and Chicago is the largest GFDZ in the US. Isn't it time we "do something!" (that's what the libtards always say) DIFFERENT???


So when the time comes, we are sure we hang the right people. I want everyone that reads this blog to know who these two assholes are. Because even in The Free States of America, they are coming for YOUR firearms!

On the left, US Sen. Slime (Blumenthal), on the right US Sen. Fish Face (Murphy)

That's right, you stand there all smug and gangsta. I long for the day you wet your collective pants as the noose is slipped around your necks.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Now I Touched a Nerve

I have been a member of The Connecticut Citizen's Defense League for several years and agree with their positions. Unfortunately, on the comments section of this post, my words were a little to strong for their moderator. Or, they may disagree with my message, which would be too bad. Therefore, I will post my comment where it can't be deleted.....ON MY BLOG!!!

My deleted comment:

Aw…isn’t that cute! In the bluest of blue states, contacting your elected representatives, as if they really give a shit to what we think. All they want is their positions and their power, and the cities of Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury, and New London full of “entitlement” takers are more than happy to keep Santa Claus in office. No one needs rights if you just let the government take care of everything in your life. It is those of us that produce and work hard every day that pay the price, both with our personal treasure and our liberties.

No…there is only one way to stop this further erosion of our God-given rights, and the first step is already in progress and growing, The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance. Obviously, the elected morons of this state are either blind or ignorant to the fact of 85% non-compliance of their last round of infringements. I have personally been non-compliant since the first round in 1994, when I knew from the start that giving in to the tyrants was wrong. In the 2013 version, I am even more so. If the feds want to try their version 2.0, I will not comply with them either. After all, once you become a felon by the stroke of a tyrant’s pen instead of criminal actions, more “paper” felonies simply don’t matter.

As I always say, this is the first step of push back by citizen Patriots. The tyrants, who at some point will have to “do something” (as they always do) will surely bring violence upon those of us that resist. And like the redcoats at Concord, they will fire first. Once they do, Patriots from across this nation will unleash hell on these bastards not seen on American soil since 1863. Will it start in Kommiecticut? New York? Maybe even Kalifornia! The plan is simple: If they EVER come for our guns in an armed confiscation attempt….WE WILL KILL THEM! And then we come for their leaders….because we HAVE THE LIST.

The underground gun economy is alive and well here. Firearms and ammo is sold and traded WITHOUT state permission or sales tax. Smuggling operations from The Free States of America continue unabated. I believe the state really has no idea what they have created, that they have lost track of many more firearms than they could ever imagine.

I urge my fellow Patriots to join us by doing the following six steps:


For more info, visit Thoughts From Behind Enemy Lines:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump Hits a Nerve and The Jackass Goes Unhinged!

Here is a link to the petulant man-child going all schoolyard on Trump. What a pathetic weak little man. I hope Trump keeps taking it to the administration, because even though he is running against Killery in the general election, he is running against the third term of The Jackass.

I tried to get the video to skip ahead, but the link doesn't seem to allow it. Skip all of the bullshit and move to 12:18 in the video where he goes all crybaby.

Why do we call them Radical Islamists? Because as everyone else seems to know, in order to destroy your enemy, you must first IDENTIFY your enemy.

Actually, there are three types of Muslims. 1). The sharia obedient, murdering jihadis, 2). Those that sympathize with and support Type 1, and 3). those that are silent about Type 1 & 2. There needs to be a Type 4.....Muslims that will speak up or take up arms against the Type 1 & 2. Then, the Type 3's might become emboldened and become Type 4's.

Which Side of The Fence?

This was sent to me by a friend who is also a regular reader (thanks Bob!). It was originally comparing Republicans and Democrats. I feel using Conservative and Liberal is a little more accurate, because of the GOP establishment being so full of squishy RINOs, and there are (although rare) JFK type Democrats. I am pretty sure my regular readers know where they stand ideologically, so feel free to pass this along to that idiot lefty relative we all have.

 If you ever wondered which side of the fence you sit
 on, this is a great test!

If a Conservative doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one.
If a Liberal doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a Conservative is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat.
If a Liberal is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products
banned for everyone.

If a Conservative is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
If a Liberal is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

If a Conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how
to better his situation.
If a Liberal is down-and-out he wonders who is going
to take care of him.

If a Conservative doesn't like a talk show host, he
switches channels.
A Liberal demands that those they don't like be shut down.

If a Conservative is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church.
A Liberal non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.

If a Conservative decides he needs health care, he goes
about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
If a Liberal decides he needs health care, he
demands that the rest of us pay for his.

If a Conservative reads this, he'll forward it so his
friends can have a good laugh.
The Liberal will demand an apology, then a retraction, and finally that
the author be fired or otherwise punished because he's "offended."

Somewhere around I have a "Conservative Test" I wrote a good ten years ago, but I can't find it at the moment. I wrote it because I used to work with a woman who was a professed life-long Democrat, as her whole family (that hailed from the Waterbury area) was. We used to have some great political discussions, because she was smart and articulate, not a rabid, screaming, insulting liberal. Most times we would end our discussions "agreeing to disagree" and that was it. But some times, we would discover that although she was a Democrat, she was actually more conservative. A couple of times, she was surprised to learn she agreed with the real facts about an issue, and not the blather from the legacy media talking heads on the nightly news.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's A Grand Old Flag.......

Today is Tuesday June 14th, Flag Day. If you're like me, and maintain a lighted flagpole in your yard 7/24/365 (the only time it comes down is in severe enough weather to damage the flags) every day is Flag Day. If not, and you have the holder with pole for putting it up on patriotic holidays, today is one of those days. For information on proper flag display, refer to US Code 4 USC here. Today is also the day for ceremonial flag destruction, for flags that are no longer serviceable. The local boy scout troop or American Legion Post usually take care of it.

Monday, June 13, 2016

More on the Orlando Terrorist Attack....PSRK style

I called it, but I'm not proud of the fact. I just know all too well who these morons are.

What I don't know is, which one of the two embarrassments that pass for the PSRK's US Senators made it to a TV camera first, but it doesn't really matter. They are both a one note banjo, and all we hear is, "plink-plink-plink-plink." I believe they have now been joined by the chorus of idiots that make up our five house representatives. Their continued rhetoric should now be insulting to anyone that has an IQ of at least 80. Blaming the ee-vil NRA, the 2nd Amendment, and legal gun ownership for an ISIS inspired terrorist attack.....really? That more gun laws will stop the jihadis from obtaining arms to kill us with......hmmmm??? That didn't work out too well in France now did it? It only made all the victims easy targets.

I preach it repeatedly, but here it is big and bold:

Ignore the "Gun-Free Death Zone" designation. Be ARMED and vigilant at all times. Get your nose out of your phone and look around. Be aware of your surroundings and practice threat assessment.

Know where the exits are, the difference between cover and concealment, and when the use of each is appropriate. Learn Col. Jeff Cooper's four color levels of readiness, which I paraphrased below from memory.

WHITE: Unarmed and unprepared. Maybe you are sleeping. You are totally at the mercy of an attacker. The only thing that will save you is if the attacker is inept or fails.

YELLOW: Relaxed alert. You should always be in this state if you are armed. No specific threats are in your area, but you are aware of your surroundings. Continually scan the area for threats.

ORANGE: On alert. Something is not quite right and has your attention. You may be watching a specific individual or situation. You may also set a mental trigger, as in "If this person does X, I may have to take action." If the situation turns out to be nothing, go back to condition YELLOW. Switch back and forth between YELLOW and ORANGE as necessary.

RED: FIGHT or FLIGHT! You are in immediate danger and must take action to stay alive. That mental trigger you set under condition ORANGE may have been tripped. It would be best to exit the area quickly to stay safe and alive, but if you are trapped, you must fight to the death. Try to eliminate as many bad guys as you can before you can no longer fight.

Of course, in the case of someone shouting "Allahu Akbhar!" feel free to unleash copious amounts of ammo in the general direction.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mass Shooting in Orlando, FL. Get Ready, Patriots!

Not only is this a mass shooting, supposedly committed with an "ee-vil black assault weapon", the authorities in Florida are calling it a "terrorist act". It took place at the supposedly "hottest gay bar in Orlando". Can anyone also say "hate crime?" I wonder if that bar was a GFDZ? Probably no one was carrying due to the fact they were consuming alcohol at a bar. I know myself, I would rather be carrying than drinking.

Orlando Nightclub Shooting
Source: CNN

Therefore, get ready for the politicization of yet another mass shooting and more assaults on our liberties before the dead are even buried. Gun owners, will be branded by the traitors as mass murdering-terrorist-homophobes using the usual moral equivalence. Let's see if the tyrants in the PSRK will use this to say "registration isn't enough....turn them in!"

In which case we say, "sure, here is all the ammo FIRST!"

UPDATE 6-12-16 18:25 The Jackass has ordered all US flags to half-staff to honor the murder victims in Florida. My flag will stay at full staff, as it usually does when that asshole bastardizes a time honored tradition for a political agenda or statement. Mine is only lowered for a fallen member of the military, police officer or firefighter, or other worthy dignitary or reason spelled out in 4 USC Sec 7(m).  I IGNORE any stupidity perpetrated by The Jackass allowed under 4 USC Sec 10 (which allows a normal president to modify the rules for flying the flag as they choose).

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Morning Breakfast Post: Update on Shew vs Malloy

From The Connecticut Citizens Defense League; an update on the potential SCOTUS case. There are links to download the petitions from both sides in .pdf format. The PSRK side is pretty nauseating to read, as it tells me how little regard for what the state and federal constitutions say and stand for. They have no problem trampling on our God given rights at taxpayer expense using sophistry and weak arguments. The CCDL side pretty much sites facts and the Heller case, and the inconsistencies the unconstitutional/intolerable acts pose against "settled law." (The libtards favorite saying about SCOTUS rulings THEY agree with.)

Update on Potential Supreme Court Case

Some people may simply disregard me as a tri-corner hat wearing nut when I talk about the treason these traitors have perpetrated on the citizens and Patriots of the PSRK, and my desire to see them all hang (or worse). But make no mistake....between the economic destruction, stripping of freedom and liberty, corruption in government, voter fraud, etc. it is building to a list similar to the kind listed against King George III in The Declaration of Independence. I don't believe it's going to take a whole lot more to wind up with the same end result.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Great Argument For The Removal of All "Gun-Free Death Zones"

I am sure, that if any anti-gun hoplophobes that believe in the "Gun-Free Death Zone" were to read the following article, their heads would simply explode. The overwhelming facts and logic would just cause too much conflict in their little pea-brains.

Crazy Things Anti-Gunners Say About Concealed Carry On Campus

I contend the points that were made should be extended to everywhere "Gun-Free Death Zones" exist, not just college campuses. I don't know how many times over the years, when I went into a "Gun-Free Death Zone" (from here on out known as a GFDZ) fully armed, and laughingly thought to myself "if they only knew..."

"The Emperor Has No Clothes!!" Dannel I's approval ratings in the tank, who cares?

Not exactly big news to those of us that knew this guy is and always has been a piece of shit. A democrap party machine hack from Stamford, I am pretty sure if he were up for re-election today he would win handily. The uninformed, government benefit receiving, non-producing voters in all the big cities would be more than happy to put Santa Claus right back in office.

The Emperor Receives His Lowest Job Approval to Date

The list of citizens and groups that he has pissed off is endless, yet in this bluest of blue states, do the approval ratings really matter? Nah.....he has a (D) next to his name, after all.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Question About "The Governor" (the pistol, not Emperor Dannel I)

From the comment section of my Saturday Morning Breakfast post:

Is that S&W Governor (ironic name for a gun in CT) smooth bore or rifled barrel? Makes a difference when firing shot vs bullets.

B Woodman

To answer the question, it is a rifled barrel. That is how it is legally sold with the short barrel under the NFA 1934 rules. Otherwise it would be classified as a "destructive device" requiring the $200 tax stamp and all the NFA regs. The bore is .45, so bullets engage the rifling, and with the buckshot rounds, it is the wad that engages the rifling, keeping the 3 or 4 pellets in a tight group. Even the Hornady Critical Defense .41 caliber non-jacketed FTX hollow point engages the rifling enough to spin true and expand properly at self-defense ranges. I doubt it would be accurate at longer range.

I fell in love with the concept when The Judge came out. I went to Hoffman's to do their "10 for 10" deal where you try ten rounds in any handgun for $10 and was going to save up for one. Then The Governor came out. Six shots as opposed to five, and with moon clips can shoot .45ACP as well as .45 Long. More expensive, yes, but a much better firearm in my opinion.

D-Day + 72 years

Today marks the 72nd anniversary of "The Longest Day", when the greatest generation landed on the beaches of France to finally end the Third Reich. I count it the same way they did; D-Day + 6 hours, D-Day + 2 days, etc.

Here is the clip of the landing from Saving Private Ryan. I know it's from a movie...but the actual footage does not show it up close and personal like this does. May God bless and keep each one of those souls who fought and died that day.

I wonder, how is Jackass going to embarrass our country today? Maybe he'll take Angela Merkel out to dinner and apologize to her in person.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dashcam Videos 6-5-16

This past Christmas, my wife got me a GoPro Hero 3+ camera. I am not a big outdoors extreme adventurer, but I have used it for snowmobiling, biking, and yesterday's kayak trip. Most of the time, however, I use it as a dash-cam. I used the black base plate for the clear plastic box it came in as the mount for my truck dashboard, and velcroed it in place. I was having focus issues with the camera, and it turned out the GoPro Hero 3+ was setup for more for underwater photography and effin' SELFIES! I found a YouTube how to video that demonstrates how to change the lens focus, and did the modification. I took the GoPro on my errand run this afternoon for a dash-cam test run to see how the new focal setting worked. I was very pleased with the results.

Whenever I go down south, I am reminded what an asshole I am, because everyone down there is so nice. Whether at the checkout in a store, in a restaurant, the gas station, or especially driving, southern folks are very courteous, and it is infectious. In very short order, I go from being annoyed by everyone around me, to being friendly right back. Within a few days of being back in the PSRK, I am back to being an asshole. That said, there are a couple of driving issues that never seem to go away. Both of the next couple of videos took place on the same outing this afternoon.

I was at the light at the end of the RT. 6 off ramp onto RT. 32 in Willimantic where this took place. A douche bag runs a red light several seconds after it changed. Had there been an accident, I would have been more than happy to provide my video to law enforcement and have that jerk prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

When I took drivers education in 1978, I was taught how to properly enter the highway. The purpose of an entrance ramp was to use the length to accelerate to speed, and by the time you got to the merge with traffic, your speed matched the traffic speed and you easily slid in to an opening. I don't know how many times I get behind these morons that do 30 MPH the entire length of the entrance ramp, and wait until the last second to hit the gas. This guy was all over the road while poking along. I looked way down the eastbound lane and saw it was all clear before I made my move.

My full size V-8 powered pickup has plenty of power to get by such an idiot. Since I had a street bike and rode it for seven seasons, I learned the axiom that sometimes you can get out of situations using the throttle instead of the brake. I drive that way to this day no matter what I am driving, and that is also true when driving in 4WD. You use a little bit of accelerator so the front wheels pull you the direction your wheels are turned.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

An American Icon

This afternoon, my wife and I, and another couple took a kayak trip down the Quinebaug River, from Putnam just below the dam to the bridge at RT. 101 on the Brooklyn/Killingly town line. We had a vehicle at each end so it was a one-way trip downstream. It measures on Google Earth to be 6.3 miles. A couple of miles along the way, we stopped at a bend in the river with a nice shallow gravel area to have a snack and a swim. The water was quite nice and the air temperature was in the mid 80's.

The best part, I think, was sighting a mature male bald eagle several times. For the first sighting, he was perched on a tree branch over the river, and none of us saw him, until he flew down the river ahead of us. Then, each time, even though he was high in a tree, as we got parallel to him he would fly on ahead and land in another treetop. It was almost as if he was leading the way down the river. What a gorgeous and majestic creature. My wife and I have seen eagles on the Quinebaug before, but usually soaring at high altitude. This guy was just over 100 feet above us, so as up close and personal as any of us have ever been.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Post: Seasonal Ammo Change

It is a well known fact that a shotgun is the best weapon for protecting your home. However, it you're like me and don't live in my dream house (which is a large, one-story, open floor plan ranch house) then a normal shotgun (mine is a Mossberg 500 Persuader) is too unwieldy. Unless, of course, you have an ATF tax stamp for a short-barrel shotgun. So my solution is pictured below:

A Smith & Wesson Governor. I love guns that shoot multiple calibers (The Governor shoots .45ACP with moon clips, .45 Schofield, .45 Long Colt, and 2 1/2" .410 shotshells). Pictured here is ready for bedtime, loaded with .410 shotshells, a Surefire Defender II flashlight, and a full moon clip of .45ACP in case I need a quick reload. When the post Sandy Hook unconstitutional/intolerable acts were passed, I could no longer use my Glock 21 with 13 round mags (unless I wanted to be "compliant" with the tyrants). I would much rather continue to DEFY-DECEIVE-EVADE-RESIST-SMUGGLE-DEFEND by keeping my contraband safe and secure until really needed. That Glock load gave me 14 rounds with 14 projectiles at my disposal. So now, to compensate, I have six rounds with MANY more projectiles at the ready. During the colder weather season, when bad guys are wearing heavier clothing, I use higher velocity ammo, but with fewer projectiles. I alternate between Hornady Critical Defense (one .41 caliber hollow point followed by two .35 caliber balls) and Winchester 000 buck (three .35 caliber balls @ 1300fps). The cylinder is set for the Hornady out the pipe first. Eighteen total projectiles in six shots, one pull of the trigger center mass should be all I need per bad guy.

The seasonal ammo change I referred to means I change to Winchester PDX-1 and Federal 000 Buck. Bad guys will be wearing lighter clothing, so I can go with more projectiles at lower velocity. The PDX-1 is an evil little round that will f@#k you up; three .41" diameter copper discs followed by twelve BB's. The cylinder is set so this exits the muzzle first.

For follow up, the Federal 000 Buck. Four .35 caliber balls @ 850 fps. Apparently there is a newer version that has 1200 fps, but I have these for now. [CORRECTION: what I saw on-line were older ads showing 1200 fps. The reason was the velocity was measured from a standard shotgun barrel, not from a handgun such as a Governor or Judge. Since most people use these rounds for self-defense in handguns, the velocity rating was adjusted on the carton.]

That gives me a total of 57 projectiles with the initial six shots, and I still have the moon clip reload on the pinky finger of my left hand holding the flashlight. If I ever have to dispose of a bad guy, the M.E. will be cleaning up the mess with a mop and bucket.

Emperor Dannel I and his hoplophobic minions can suck it.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Violence at Trump Rally in San Jose, CA

The left is showing now who they really are. They are ugly, violent, sub-human creatures hell bent on causing destruction to property and injury to people, whose only transgression is not believing what they believe. That sounds very similar to some other sub-human vermin I know of, I believe they are called ISIS. I have not heard one person on the left, whether in the media, government, Hollywood, etc. condemn this protest, or any of the others that have occurred.

Just like with the 2nd Amendment, the left will keep firearms and armed security for themselves, but deny them to others. In this case, "Free speech for me, but not for thee." Here is the quandary now, because Donald Trump is a presidential candidate with Secret Service protection, attendees have to go to his events unarmed. Just like when I go to "Gun-Free Death Zones" armed, it is not only because of where I am going, but traveling to and from. These people attending the Trump rally were on the streets unarmed and forced to be face to face with the animals. Imagine how last night would have turned out had those people being assaulted killed a few thugs in self-defense?

How ironic is it that this violent outburst occurred in San Jose, the colonial era catholic mission? Translated to English is "Saint Joseph", Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ's husband, and the earthly father to young Jesus. The patron saint of workers. In my mind, just adds another layer of disgust. I wonder, how many buses did it take to get those thugs there, because I hear San Jose is usually a pretty mild city.

Somehow, I don't think either of them would be pleased.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Favorite Driving Game With a New Twist

I love those big lighted signs on the side of the road that show your speed. As soon as I see them (and it's not an active construction zone or the po-po is on duty) I romp on the accelerator and try to see how fast I can make it read. This morning I had to go to a customer site in Mystic. They had one facing both directions on RT. 32 in front of PSRK College in New London. They have it there because it is a divided highway, but the speed limit is 40 MPH, and it is very easy to hit 60 MPH+ on that road. Well, I had a clear shot at it, but here's the new twist.....It only read as high as 55 MPH and then went to alternating red and blue to simulate the lights on a po-po cruiser. How much fun was that!

OK...OK....I get it, that's not what your supposed to do with those. But I never drive the speed limit anyway. I have always felt that speed limits were a guideline to keep the morons who don't know how to drive from killing themselves. I drive the speed I am comfortable with, based on the vehicle, road, and weather conditions, and my speed is usually not obscenely high. I save that for I-84 on a sunny, non-holiday, Sunday afternoon on a straight away with little traffic. That's where I wound my bike up to 150 on the speedo back in 1997. Was I actually doing 150 MPH? Probably not, but I was surely going fast enough to make it absolutely thrilling. I'm not sure I would ever do that again.

As an aside: I have been asked by one of my regular readers (who comments frequently) why no one else posts comments? Well, I don't know. Either I am not controversial enough to piss off the libtards, or their mommies have restricted their computer access until they clean their rooms. I guess everyone that reads this blog happens to be like minded people, that think I hit my points so directly, that they don't feel the need to comment. I probably need some more exposure, so that I can receive death threats as well as hateful comments, of which as long as they don't reference other people I will post for the entertainment value.