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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Greatest Show on Earth? Maybe not so much any more.

So, The Ringling Bothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, otherwise known as "The Greatest Show on Earth", just ended its run at the XL Center in Hartford. Last month was the final show with the Asian Elephants in Providence, RI. As usual, liberal activists are NEVER satisfied when it comes to ruining the things that make America great.

Animal Rights Protest in Hartford

Now, these fruitcakes want to eliminate ALL the animal acts from all circuses. To me, if there are no animal acts at the circus, I could just go watch a comedy show (or C-SPAN) on TV to replace seeing clowns, and go see the tranny potty supporting acrobats at Cirque de Soleil. Take me back to the days of the circus train coming to town, the circus parade down the main street, and a real big top being set up using the elephants to set the poles.

Setting Up The Tent With Elephant Power

Then again, isn't this exactly how libtards function, forcing their agenda upon us using creeping incrementalism?

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  1. The animal activists always want to help the animals. So, feed the animal activists to the animals. Help the owners and care takers with feeding expenses. Isn't that helping? Or would that be considered animal cruelty?

    B Woodman